‘Trese’ viewers wowed by large-sized Choc Nut offered to Nuno

June 14, 2021 - 8:10 PM
This screenshot shows "Trese" character Nuno being offered popular chocolate peanut candy. (Screenshot/Netflix)

Where to get a bigger Choc Nut?

Some social media users asked this in jest after a large-sized version of the popular Filipino chocolate-peanut candy was featured on Netflix’s first Filipino animated series “Trese.”

In one of the episodes of the occult animated series, the main character “Alexandra Trese,” gave a piece of the local favorite to “Nuno,” a dwarf-like creature in Philippine mythology.

Trese bribed Nuno with the chocolate-peanut candy to acquire information related to her case.

It, however, caught online users’ attention, as the iconic delicacy featured on the series was a large one that is nearly palm-sized.

The regular Choc Nut candy is small and brick-shaped.

Some Filipinos who have started streaming the animated series noticed this.

They took to social media to air their comments on the Filipino delicacy featured on the series.

“Found the most relatable character in the story! Tapos na usapan! Chocnut is life! Nuno is me bye!” one Twitter user said.

“Why’s the Chocnut in Trese so big?” another user wrote.

“It is 2:30 AM and all I want in my life is that big Chocnut,” another user commented.

The keyword “Chocnut” and the hashtag #TabiTabiPo became one of the trending topics on Twitter following the release of the series last June 11.

“Tabi-Tabi po” is a popular phrase in the Philippines, which is a polite way of saying “excuse me” or “pardon me.”

In Filipino culture, this is uttered as a form of respect to some supernatural beings when entering an unfamiliar place.

A Filipino artist said “we all need” this huge chocolate-peanut candy.


Another Filipino artist also shared a witty visualization of how amazed the public was with the big Choc Nut featured on the show.


Facebook user Ronan Capili, meanwhile, shared a witty photo of him offering three Choc Nut candies to a drainage cover in reference to the now-popular scene.

“Girl, asa bahay ka ba? Need ko advice,” the user wrote.


“Trese” can be streamed exclusively on Netflix. Its story was based on the comic series created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

Choc Nut, widely available on sari-sari and grocery stores, is currently manufactured by Annie’s Sweet Manufacturing and Packaging Corporation.

A report in 2013 said that it had once been owned by a competitor, New Unity Sweets Manufacturing Corporation.