Of ices and custard: Frozen treat chain shares how Pinoys can enjoy its cold delights

April 26, 2024 - 3:26 PM
Rita's Italian Ice
Photos from the Facebook page of Rita's Italian Ice - The Philippines (RitasItalianIcePH/Facebook)

A famous Italian frozen custard chain introduced Filipinos to its various cold treats and shared how they could be enjoyed especially this “summer” season.

Rita’s Italian Ice, the returning frozen treat chain in the country, gave tips to first-time customers who wanted to try its cold delights as it opens branches nationwide.

It permanently stopped operating in the Philippines in 2022, two years after the COVID-19 pandemic, and surprised fans when it announced its comeback in March 2024.

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Rita’s has since been opening different branches. So far, it has a store in SM City Fairview, Festival Mall, SM Podium and SM Grand Central.

Last April 23, the frozen treat chain shared a primer on how first-time customers can enjoy its offerings.

It suggested those who are new to the brand to try the Rita’s Gelati. It is a fan favorite that combines Italian Ice with frozen custard.

They only need to pick their preferred Italian Ice, pick their Classic Custard and then pick a size.

For the Italian Ice, Rita’s said the flavor depends on the customer.

“Don’t ask us what’s popular. The Italian Ice flavor depends on YOU, our dear guest. Some like it sour like Cherry or Green Apple, while others like it magically sweet like Carnival, Mango or Cotton Candy,” it said.

The frozen treat chain also reminded the public that Italian Ice is available in stores for a free trial.

For the Classic Custard, there are options of getting Vanilla, Chocolate or Twist.

“In some stores, we have the specials like Cotton Candy or Strawberry. The Custard is that soft serve on top. Personally, Vanilla Custard goes with most Italian Ice,” Rita’s said.

Meanwhile, for the size, the store said it has regular and large servings.

“With Large, you can pick two Ice flavors to give you variety for the price of one. This is the actual photo of a Large Gelati with Mango and Cherry and Vanilla Custard,” it said.

Apart from the Gelati, Rita’s also has the Blendini, a customizable frozen treat that combines a customer’s favorite Italian Ice, Frozen Custard and mix-ins in one delightful cup.

The store also recommended customers try the following combos:

  • Cotton Candy Blendini — Composed of Cotton Candy Ice, Vanilla Custard and Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Dirty Mango Blendini — Composed of Mango Ice, Vanilla Custard and OREOS
  • Nutty Chocolate Cherry Blendini — Composed of Cherry Ice, Chocolate Custard
  • Marshmallow Peanut Butter Chocolate Blendini with White Choco Chips

The frozen treat chain likewise serves Italian Ice, Frozen Custard and Concrete.

The Italian Ice is its signature frozen treat, while the Concrete is its “secret go-to treat” featuring an indulgent mix of thick Classic Custard with two toppings.

Other chillers 

Other frozen treats that Filipinos can enjoy this summer season is the Aice Ice Cream, an affordable yet high-quality ice cream accessible in sari-sari stores, canteens, eateries, school communities and residential areas.

It is also available in other locations like the National Book Store, retail pharmacy store AllGreen and neighborhood grocery stores like DALI.

The ice cream brand can likewise be spotted in Amana Waterpark in Bulacan, as well as over 120 stores conveniently located in various leisure destinations.

Homegrown fast food chain Jollibee is also offering the latest addition to its Coffee Blends for those who need a pick-me-up amid the scorching heat.

The new Iced Mocha combines the richness of freshly brewed coffee with the smoothness of creamy chocolate, creating an irresistible blend that gives a coffee kick and satisfies one’s sweet cravings.

The freshly brewed coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans.

The Iced Mocha is available in both regular and large sizes.

Jollibee Iced Mocha
Jollibee Iced Mocha (Jollibee Philippines/Released)

Jollibee is also offering the new Iced Mocha Float for a sweeter and more indulgent option.

Other options of its Coffee Blends are the Hot Fresh Brew, the Iced Latte and the Iced Sweet Black.