Spotted: Buko pandan flavored taho being sold in Las Piñas

May 10, 2019 - 8:19 PM
Taho in the streets
A taho or a soybean curd drink being sold in the streets. (Wikimedia Commons/Stock photo)

A social media user spotted a buko pandan-flavored taho or soybean curd drink being sold in a residential community in Las Piñas City.

Facebook page Tara Sa South, a blog dedicated to food and go-to dining destinations in Manila’s south, shared a photo initially sent to them by user @miah_levasty.


The buko pandan-flavored soybean curd drink was reportedly spotted at Martinville Subdivision.

Other Facebook users claimed that people should look out for the taho vendor in the morning around or near Anytime Veal’s Burger.

There were those who commented that there are other variations of the soybean curd drink being sold in Cavite, although none mentioned if it was being sold by the same vendor.

“Meron din dito sa Cavite, sobrang sarap, kapag umaga ‘yung regular taho lang, kapag hapon pandan, minsan daw is may strawberry pa, ‘di ko matyambahan (‘yung) strawberry eh,” Kristel Maria Imperial Elorde wrote.

Paul San Juan, another user, shared a picture of a strawberry-flavored soybean curd drink and claimed that it is being sold in Imus, Cavite.


The soybean curd drink is a famous street delicacy that is usually served with caramelized brown sugar syrup and tapioca balls.

It is sometimes sold in strawberry flavor, where the brown sugar is replaced with strawberry syrup. One would usually find this in hilly Baguio City, where strawberries are grown in abundance.

Two months ago, an elderly taho vendor gained popularity for selling the beloved soy-based drink at parties and on special occasions.

One of his buyers said his drink has a distinct pandan-like taste.