Enterprising taho vendor sells product in events, parties, and gatherings

March 11, 2019 - 3:21 PM
Taho artwork
A taho vendor single-handedly offers his products to big gatherings and parties. (Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos)

An enterprising taho vendor caught the attention of social media users for selling the famous soybean curd drink in parties and big events.

Facebook user Ted Amper shared that an old man named Mang Felix served “cocktails” in a wedding in the form of the beloved soy-based drink.

Mang Felix, according to his card, provides taho to guests of any formal occasions and events. He can be reached at 0916-937807.

Filipinos admired his endeavor and those who claimed to have booked him before commented on his kindness and marketing skills.

“Bait yan si Kuya, unli taho ako sa kanya dati heheheee,” user Mownique Gee said.

“Haha yes nakawork ko na siya. Mas magaling pa magmarket si kuya kesa sa amin,” user Sheena May Añonuevo-Lopez shared.

Amper in the comments section added a video wherein he interviewed his friend and asked what made Mang Felix’s taho different from the others.

“Not too sweet and… mabango din dahil may pandan!” his friend exclaimed.

Apparently, Mang Felix has been single-handedly serving taho in big occasions for a while now.

An online lifestyle website in 2018 reported that he was spotted near the University of Santo Tomas, particularly near P. Noval gate. He had the same card that announced his willingness to serve in parties.

Mang Felix is the first taho vendor to have considered selling the beloved soy-based drink in certain events. Usually, taho is single-handedly sold in the streets, particularly around residential areas and local neighborhoods.

In the market, there are franchises and enterprises that sell the soybean curd drink in varieties. Customers can have it warm or chilled and in different flavors. Some even sell it as smoothies or shakes. — Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos