Taho and coffee: Breakfast staples hog the spotlight in these community pantries

April 22, 2021 - 3:54 PM
Taho and coffee pantry
Community pantry installed by Project Starfish in Kawit, Cavite and a coffee pantry installed by Mark Maceres in Tabaco, Albay. (Photos from Project Starfish and Mac Mac via Facebook)

Taho or the Filipino silken tofu is the star of the community pantry setup by a charity organization in Kawit, Cavite

Project Starfish, the group behind the initiative, offered free cups of the famous treat to people who “haven’t had breakfast” and are “hungry” in the area.

“While grabbing their free taho, the smile on their faces were priceless. And because of that, few more people chipped in to add more cups on the table, even the taho vendor himself!” the group said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The community pantry was installed by its members with the extra money from their pockets, according to a report of the Manila Bulletin.

The funds were used to buy food items, but there was still spare cash which they used to buy taho from a vendor passing by the pantry.

The group said that the vendor, who they identified as “Kuya Nelson,” offered more cups of the silken tofu but they insisted on paying for the extra cups.

Several individuals were also reported to chip in to add more taho cups for the pantry.

The group said that its pantry will continue to serve taho as long as their funds can manage it.


In the Philippines, taho is usually eaten as part of breakfast or as an afternoon snack or merienda.

Another breakfast staple was also spotted being served in a community pantry in Tabaco, Albay.

This community pantry is offering four types of coffee including arabica.

This was Mark Maceres‘ way to help fellow Filipinos amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those who wish to avail of the free coffee must only bring their own cup.