Macoy Dubs unintentionally calls Robredo ‘mare’ in private Instagram message

February 19, 2021 - 7:05 PM
Macoy Dubs and Leni Robredo
Mark Averilla in this photo shared on his Facebook page on Feb. 2, 2021 (left) and Vice President Leni Robredo delivering her public address on Aug. 24, 2020 (right).

Social media personality “Macoy Dubs,” whose real name is Mark Averilla, shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Vice President Leni Robredo who he unintentionally called “mare” after being overwhelmed by emotions.

Averilla reacted to an Instagram Story shared by the government official by commenting “Congrats Mare!”

Commenting on one’s IG Story results in it being sent as a direct message to the user.

Robredo read his comment and responded hours after.

“Thanks Macoy,” she wrote with a heart emoji.

Her reply made Averilla did a double take on his comment, which prompted him to apologize.

“Sorry, nadala lang po ng emotions, VP! Haha!” the online personality responded.

“Mare” is short for “kumare,” a term of endearment used between close female friends.

Nowadays, it is used colloquially as “mars.”

Averilla, apart from his humorous posts, is also known for his “Auntie Julie” persona in which he uses other terms of endearment for female friends such as “amiga” or even “hermana.”

Meanwhile, he shared the incident on his Twitter account and quipped that it should’ve been “VP Mars Leni.”

“Buti nga hindi ‘swissy’ eh,” Averilla added on the replies thread of his tweet.

He also shared the conversation on his Facebook page where he wrote: “Sorry nadala lang ng emotion, Lens! ‘Kaw naman oh hahaha”

Both of his posts have since gone viral on both platforms, leaving online Filipinos amused.

Averilla made the congratulatory remark after the Supreme Court, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal, unanimously junked the poll protest of former senator Bongbong Marcos against Robredo after nearly five years.

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