To mark podcast episode ranking, Juan Miguel Severo throws back funny ‘Pieta’-inspired photo

April 15, 2021 - 6:54 PM
This photo shows Juan Miguel Severo. (Juan Miguel Severo/Twitter)

Juan Miguel Severo marked the ranking of their podcast episode with a funny throwback photo.

On Thursday, Severo’s podcast co-host Jadaone shared that an episode of their podcast called “Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast” topped the Top Episodes list of Spotify Philippines.

This ranking is updated daily.

“WAHHHH TOP PODCAST EPISODE KAMI SA Spotify Philippines! #AngWalangKwentangPodcast Salamat sa pakikinig!” the award-winning filmmaker said.

She also attached a link to the Spotify podcast and encouraged others to stream the latest episode.

Severo immediately noticed this and started an exchange with Jadaone about an old photo they took should their podcast reach the top spot on the listening platform.

He quote-retweeted Jadaone’s post and quipped he needed to pay his “dues.”

“Ito na ang kinatatakutan kong sandali. Number 1 na kami. Kailangan ko nang magbayad-utang. #AngWalangKwentangPodcast,” he wrote.

In response, Jadaone happily provided context about this deal.

“Context: Binanggit ni @TheRainBro sa earlier episodes na ipi-post niya ang Pieta picture (inside joke, para sa mga regular listeners) pag mag numbah 1 kamj sa Spotify! After almost a year, ETO NA WAHAHAHAHA ABANG NA PO TV PATROL char,” she said.

Severo then responded and finally shared their Pieta-inspired photo. Jadaone’s face was covered with an angel emoji.

The spoken word artist also thanked listeners for making their goal for the podcast come true.

“Salamat at nag-#1 podcast na sa @Spotify_PH. Ito na ang ipinangako at isinumpang Pieta picture taken right after kong masaktan ng kalong kong lalaki (inalagaan ko habang lasing pero ibang lalaki ang bukambibig!) In fairness nag-peace sign naman. Mabait,” Severo said.

In Spotify’s description, Jadaone and Severo launched the “Walang Kwentang Podcast” in 2020 to allow listeners to “eavesdrop” on hilarious and “insightful” conversations about various topics from pop culture to the throes of love.

It currently has 86 episodes.

“Real-life friends filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone and spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo let you eavesdrop on their hilarious and sometimes *insightful* conversations as they make tsika about love and hugot, pop culture and trending topics that make their heart a-flutter or a a-angry. Dahil ang pag-ibig, dapat shine-share. New episodes every Monday and Thursday!” read the description.