‘Thank you for inspiring us’: Messages of support poured in for Armi Millare after announcing departure from UDD

December 27, 2021 - 5:36 PM
Members of alternative rock band Up Dharma Down (Facebook/UDD)

Fans of the alternative rock band “UDD” ( formerly known as Up Dharma Down) expressed their support for vocalist Armi Millare after she announced her departure from the act.

Armi informed fans about her decision to leave after a 17-year run in the band through her social media accounts on Sunday, December 26.

“I almost don’t know where to begin. I’ve thought long and hard about the best time to do this and came to the realization that there’s no ‘best time’ to deliver a message like I’m about to,” she said.

“Last June, I decided to severe ties with Terno Recordings, its mother company MTME and as [a] consequence of this, my band, UDD. For the last 17 years, I have experienced and learned so much in the company of my bandmates along with every person we have had the pleasure of interacting with,” she added.

Armi said that she initially considered keeping her decision private. However, she owed the transparency to UDD fans who supported the group throughout the years.

“I owe this announcement to you, all the listeners of the music, to let you know that your patronage and love of the band, gave me the experience of a lifetime,” she said.

The Filipino singer described UDD as the “longest relationship” she had been in and the one band she had dedicated her life to.

“I see that there was more progress than perfection during our time together and I’m willing to let it end where it has. We had a good run,” she said.

She also wished the best for all the rest of her bandmates Carlos Tanada, Paul Yap and Ean Mayor.

“I wish everyone in the group, our crew, and cohorts the best with all my heart. There is nothing more I fear than the unknown, but I would rather be fighting my fears than letting it hold me down while I seek peace like I always have,” Armi said.

UDD also announced Armi’s departure from the group through their social media accounts.

“Hi everyone, we wanted to let you know that Armi has left UDD. We thank her for sharing her talent and artistry in the songs we created together. We’ll never forget how the four of us started out, how thrilled we were in 2004 to finally be playing at Saguijo to a crowd of twenty people,” they said.

“Although we’re sad to see her leave the band, we wish her all the best as she embarks on her solo career. And we hope you can all support her future projects as well,” they added.

Supportive messages from fans, colleagues

Moonstar88, KZ Tandingan and Written by the Stars were among their colleagues in the industry who thanked Armi for being a part of the well-loved band.

Screenshot in the comments section of UDD’s post captured on 27 December 2021

Their fans were also shocked by the announcement. Despite being saddened by Armi’s departure, fans wished her and UDD the best for their future endeavors.

“It was more than we could’ve ever hoped for. The music and magic you guys gave us will always be in our hearts. I will personally support your next ventures and projects, whatever they may be. Maraming, maraming salamat, Ms. Armi. Mabuhay kayo!” one user said.

Some also recalled fond memories of attending live shows while others shared how much UDD’s music changed their lives.

“UDD has been the soundtrack of my whirlwind of a love life and I thank you for feeding my soul the food (music) it needs. The band’s music will always and forever be here in my heart,” one user Facebook said.

“2005 since the first time I’ve heard ‘Maybe’ played live by Up Dharma Down in Saguijo…to having gigs together in Terno…and now…will always support you and the boys whether as a group or individually,” another Facebook user commented.

UDD first came together in 2004 as Up Dharma Down.

In 2017, they decided to change their name with the acronym “UDD.”

The four-piece group was popular for many hit singles such as “Tadhana,” “Oo” and “Indak,” among many others.

In 2020, the band released “Paagi,” the official soundtrack of “Trese,” with lyrics by vocalist Armi and bassist and co-lyricist Yap.

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