Barbie Imperial’s missing Instagram photos fuel rumors of abuse

July 17, 2018 - 1:29 PM
Actor Paul Salas ( file photo)

Actor Paul Salas is under fire after showbiz fans and media outlets took note of deleted Instagram posts by his girlfriend, Barbie Imperial, showing cuts and bruises on her body.

Missing posts

Several social media users posted screenshots of now-missing Instagram posts from actress Barbie Imperial, Salas’ rumored girlfriend.

The photos show numerous cuts and bruises on Imperial’s skin.

Salas however was not named in Imperial’s posts. Despite the lack of direct imputation on Salas, fans have already sounded off on their criticism of the actor.

Neither party has spoken out on the matter since the allegations started spreading on social media.

A report by ABS-CBN News took note of a deleted tweet from Imperial where she condemned physical abuse on women.

Showbiz outlets speculated on the couple’s breakup a few days before the allegations started swirling, after Salas reportedly removed pictures of Imperial on his Instagram account and Imperial tweeted a cryptic message.

Salas was last under the scrutinizing eye of the showbiz-savvy side of social media when he figured in a brief online spat with fellow actor Daniel Padilla.

Sweet turned sour?

Salas and Imperial, both 20 years of age, have been reported dating since 2017.

The couple never expressly confirmed their relationship, but have been seen frequently together and have featured in each other’s social media photos for more than a year. Publicized declarations of affection between the two were commonplace.

The details of how the couple got together have never been made public, but some reports say that Imperial used to be a fan of Salas prior to her rise in showbiz.