Netflix PH gives ‘Feng Shui’ horror movie a BINI ‘Salamin, Salamin’ edit

April 26, 2024 - 10:13 AM
Netflix PH_Feng Shui
Screenshots from Netflix Philippines featuring "Feng Shui" movie as posted on its Twitter account on April 21, 2024 (netflix_ph/Twitter)

Spoiler Alert: Article contains minor spoilers for “Feng Shui”

A clip of Netflix Philippines promoting the iconic horror film “Feng Shui” using a BINI song amused online Filipinos who found the edit “unserious.”

The streaming platform on April 21 posted an edited clip featuring some scenes from the Kris Aquino-starrer which included the cursed “bagua” while “Salamin, Salamin” played in the background.

The edit was made to appear as if the scenes in the movie were corresponding to the lyrics.

For example, a scene of Kris throwing the bagua to the ground was imposed with the lyrics, “Salamin, salamin, kailan niya ba ako papansinin.”

It was made to appear as if Kris’ character was romantically frustrated.

In the film, the particular scene featured her character purposefully destroying the mirror after being distraught by the tragic events that occurred due to the bagua’s curse.

The edit of Netflix Philippines has earned 4,500 likes, 1,700 reposts and several comments from social media users so far who found the post witty.

“Dogshow, hahahaha,” an online user exclaimed, tagging a follower.

“Taba ng utak,” another user wrote in response to the edit.

“Ang unserious,” exclaimed a different Pinoy with a crying emoji.

“Gagiiii ang witty [niyo], Netflix PH!” wrote another user with a laughing emoji.

“Ano baaaa,” commented a different Filipino with laughing and crying emojis.

“Feng Shui” is a popular 2004 horror film about a woman named Joy Ramirez (Kris) who acquires a mysterious bagua mirror and begins to experience good things in her life — with a price.

While Joy finds luck, a string of misfortunes plagues the people around her, eventually reaching her own family.

The movie’s critical and commercial success earned Kris the label “Box Office Horror Queen” as she followed up the acclaim by appearing in more films of the same genre such as “Sukob,” “Dalaw,” “Segunda Mano” and “Feng Shui 2.”

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Meanwhile, BINI is the P-pop girl group behind the “Salamin, Salamin” song.

Dubbed the “Nation’s Girl Group,” the eight-member act debuted in 2021 after almost two years of rigorous training under Star Hunt Academy and South Korean training company MU Doctor.

BINI is also behind the viral summer anthem “Pantropiko,” which has inspired various dance covers.

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