PDEA’s K9 doggos bowing out, looking for roofs and boops

August 10, 2018 - 3:46 PM
Image shows golden retriever Icon, one of the retired narcotics detection dogs up for adoption. (PDEA/Released)

Thirteen police dogs are in need of roofs and not just boops as the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency called for new forever homes for these retired K9 dogs.

On Wednesday, PDEA announced through its social media accounts that 13 of its Narcotic Detection Dogs that helped the agency in “executing its duties to rid the country of illegal drugs” are bowing from service and are now up for adoption.

“These dogs who are now retired, need a family and a forever home where they will be treated as HEROES and simply be dogs,” PDEA said.

The 13 police dogs in need of “furever home” include one golden retriever, one German shepherd, two jack russel terriers and nine Beldian mallinois.

The details of the K9 unit’s whereabouts including their names, age, temperament behavior, descriptions are posted in the photo album of PDEA.
The announcement of PDEA made social media buzz with several online users interested to adopt the retired canine cops.

However, while some pet lovers were elated with the call for adoption, some also expressed concern with the condition of the PDEA dogs. They wanted to screen future owners of the dog heroes and give them to responsible parents.

Concerned citizens are asking the drug agency to have the dogs spayed and neutered first before they can be turned over to the hands of their new owners.

Others, on the other hand, are calling on the government to provide free lifetime care for their dogs.

In 2017, the Philippine Television Network reported that PDEA requested an additional P934 million for its 2018 budget “to finance projects such as acquisition of narcotics detection dogs with training worth P500,000 each.”

PDEA chief Director General Aaron Aquino said narcotic dogs “when properly trained, can be inexpensive… but proven indispensable assets against ongoing drug problems in the country.”

The K9 units are being handled by officers who underwent 12-week basic handler’s course.

They are trained to conduct check-point operations as well as airport and seaports.

Meanwhile, interested adopter of the PDEA dogs may contact Bernardo Velasquez at 09171423460.