These are the personalities supporting Gretchen Fullido in her sexual harassment case

October 12, 2018 - 5:12 PM
Famous personalities in the media industry shared their words of support to ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido after she filed a sexual harassment case on a current and former TV producer. (Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos)

Famous personalities expressed their support for ABS-CBN entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido after she filed a case of sexual harassment against a current and former producer of “TV Patrol.”

Fullido accused former supervising producer Cheryl Favila and current segment producer Maricar Asprec of sending her text messages allegedly “loaded with sexual innuendos, which amounted to requests for sexual favors.”

Favila denied the accusations and called out Fullido for supposedly manipulating the text messages, claiming that they were taken out of context. They also launched a Facebook page to air out their side.

Meanwhile, local celebrities and famous personalities have spoken up about the matter and showed their support to the entertainment reporter.

Melissa Ricks

Former “Star Circle Quest” finalist Melissa Ricks lauded Fullido for her initiative to “stand up” for her rights.

“It takes a lot of strength and courage to stand up for your rights, and you did. Proud of you,” Ricks said.

Bianca Gonzalez 

While the television host declared that she admired Fullido’s bravery, she added that the case is “sensitive” since it involves the LGBTQ+ community, namely Favila and Asprec.

Her statement came after social media users accused her of being silent, claiming that she is usually very vocal about hot topics.

Ethel Booba

The comedienne urged the public to support Fullido since according to her, “Not every woman have the courage to report it (sexual harassment) to the authority due to many reasons.”

She added, however, that she supports the entertainment reporter not because they share the same gender but because of the incident at hand.

Iza Calzado 

The actress acknowledged that while she does not know the whole facts surrounding the case, she commended Fullido “for being brave to come forward and speak up.”

She added that women must not be “pitted against each other” since the case involves people of the same gender. It must “be about justice,” she noted.

Karen Davila 

The renowned broadcast journalist commented that she does not condone “sexual harassment” and “victim-blaming.” Although she did not drop any names, her statement was released after the issue of Fullido, Favila and Asprec became public.

Jerika Ejercito 

One of the daughters of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada also supported Fullido and noted that the latter is “her dearest friend.”

Ejercito wrote, “Gretchen Fullido makes a brave stand for all (the) women out there who have been bullied and victimized. You are not alone in your fight for justice.”

Ogie Diaz 

The talent manager of Liza Soberano said that he is with Fullido in her sexual harassment case.

“I am for Gretchen. At naniniwala ako sa kanya. So, ipaglaban mo ang iyong karapatan, Gretchen!” he wrote.

Bryan Revilla

The son of Bong Revilla—who was rumored to be linked with Fullido before—said in an interview that he fully supports the entertainment reporter because according to him, she is a very close friend.

“Well, ako, since kaibigan ko ‘yan, very malapit sa akin ‘yan. I’ll support her all throughout, all the way. And I’m praying for her. I’ll pray for her na bigyan siya ng lakas sa kinakaharap nya ngayon. I wish her nothing but the best,” he said.

“Kasi si Gretchen, napakabait na tao ‘yan. Napakasipag niyan. She’s one of the most hardworking people I had ever met in show business, and totoong tao ‘yan,” Revilla added. — Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos; Additional photos from Gretchen Fullido via Facebook, Jerika Ejercito and Bryan Revilla via Instagram