Bretman Rock is under fire for resurfaced video where he dances to the national anthem

January 4, 2020 - 2:37 PM
Bretman Rock as 2019 Beauty Influencer
Bretman Rock was named Beauty Influencer of the Year at E! People's Choice Awards 2019. (@BretmanRock via Instagram)

A supposedly deleted video of Filipino-American beauty vlogger Bretman Rock dancing while singing the Philippine national anthem resurfaced on social media and caught a government agency’s attention.

The video initially appeared on his Instagram Stories but some Twitter users claimed that it was deleted after he was called out by Twitterverse.

Rock also apologized anew through Twitter comments following its renewed virality where he said that he takes “full responsibility” for his actions, vowing “it will never happen again.”

He said in response to a Twitter user who defended him, “Thank you so much for understanding, I can promise you it will never happen again, I take full responsibility and I truly am so sorry.”

Rock replied to a tweet that claimed the vlogger released the video “three months ago” and has since apologized. The post included a screenshot of her sending him a message, saying that the action was “illegal.”

The vlogger previously replied, “Yes I realized, thank you for letting me know, it has since been deleted.”

Another Twitter user, @blackwendsay, tagged Rock on Sept. 22, 2019 and informed him that dancing while singing the Philippine national anthem is against the law.

A day after, the user claimed that the vlogger has sent a message and apologized for the video.

@blackwendsay attached a screenshot of the conversation where Rock had said the following:

“Hey, I saw your post! I hear you and that’s why after 5 minutes of posting it, I realized it was wrong and disrespectful… My intentions weren’t malicious but I definitely will take credit and full responsibility for the said story. Have a great day.”

Rock also replied to the user’s tweet shortly after the video resurfaced and said, “Thank you for understanding, I truly am so sorry.” 

The vlogger replied to a tweet where @blackwendsay speculated that the video might have resurfaced in connection to his upcoming reality show in MTV this year.

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“Since Bretman Rock is having a new MTV show and IDK (I don’t know) why this came up in my notifs again, but please. He already apologized a LONG time ago. Don’t come at him for this anymore,” the user wrote.

MTV’s “No Filter,” a digital reality television show, previously announced on its Instagram account that the Hawaii-based vlogger will be “taking over” in 2020.

The Flag and Heraldic Code

There are no clear details about who perpetuated the video’s reemergence and the intention behind it but it caught the attention of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

The agency reminded the public that the Philippine national anthem should always be respected and sung only on certain occasions with utmost dignity and reverence.

NHCP cited a provision of the Republic Act 8491, also known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, that said:

“As a sign of respect, all persons shall stand at attention and face the Philippine flag, if there is one displayed, and if there is none, they shall face the band or the conductor. At the first note, all persons shall execute a salute by placing their right palms over their left chests.” 

The law also states that the national anthem cannot be played and sung for “mere recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes” except in local and international competitions, among others.

“Dancing to the National Anthem as shown in the video aforementioned, therefore constitutes a violation of the Flag law,” NHCP added.

The law is only observed in the Philippines but the agency said that violators will be “penalized by public censure” after proper notice is issued and a hearing takes place.

Violators may be fined from P5,000 to P20,000 or be imprisoned for a maximum of one year.

“This notice is given to the public to prevent future violations, in a similar manner, of the law,” NHCP said.