RTVM apologizes for accidentally airing movie on Facebook Live

June 2, 2017 - 3:27 PM
Hugh Jackman in 'Logan.'

The Presidential Broadcast Staff – Radio Television Malacanang has apologized for accidentally airing a movie for a few seconds on the Facebook page of the Presidential Communications Office late Friday morning.

The agency in charge of audio and video documentation of the President’s official activities blamed a technician who had been “doing a test on the equipment set-up” for the mistake.

The page had gone live, with followers expecting a stream of either a press conference in Malacañang, or President Rodrigo Duterte making a speech at an event.

What appeared instead were opening credits of a movie believed to be the 2017 Hugh Jackman starrer “Logan”.

Here’s a screenshot of the stream:

One Facebook user commented, “Wow, free movie.”

Here is RTVM’s official statement:

“RTVM would like to apologize for a film that was accidentally aired live at the Presidential Communications Facebook page today, June 2, 2017.

“The film was erroneously played for a few seconds by our technician that was doing a test on the equipment set-up.

“We regret that this slip-up happened while we continue to work on our daily broadcast documentation and coverage of presidential engagements.

“We remain committed to our mission in serving the Filipino people through news dissemination with the widest communication reach.”

According to its website, PBS-RTVM has “the sole responsibility and exclusive prerogative to decide on policy operational matters concerning the television medium as it is utilized for the official documentation of all the President’s activities for news dissemination purposes and video archiving.”