Mica Javier vows to create and perform only original music from hereon

August 14, 2017 - 4:59 PM
Mica Javier.

Following the successful “Original Music Only,” or OMO tour with her fellow artists from HomeWorkZ Music, R&B diva Mica Javier vows to create and perform only nothing but her own originals from now on.

Mica, who started her career with adaptations of popular and radio-friendly hits and is currently promoting her latest single, “Renegade,” understands that standing in someone else’s shadow is not how she would always want to be known for. Taking her cue from boyfriend and HomeWorkZ head Jay R, Mica says creating original music is the “purest form of expression” for any artist.

“By sharing our thoughts and stories, it allows us to connect with people from all walks of life,” she noted. “You never know who you could be inspiring, and by constantly creating new music you are able to spread positivity, and also to keep elevating as musicians and artists.”

Recalling her OMO tour experience that took her and the rest of the HomeWorkZ artist roster to key cities in the United States as well as several high-profile bars in Metro Manila, Mica said being on the road was not just “an opportunity to connect with old and new fans” but also a chance for her to form a creative bond with her fellow artists.

“There was solid camaraderie among the artists on board. It was the one platform where the artists can be truly themselves with no constraints, share the music they’ve written and recorded to an audience that positively receives and enjoys the wide range of genres performed on stage,” she enthused.

Jay R headlined the tour along with Kris Lawrence, which also featured performances from Aicelle Santos, Robin Nievera, Paolo Onesa, Deejay Poblete, Q-York, Moses Akoh, Subprojekt, Noah Zuñiga and Francis Lim. He is determined to maintain their all-original stance.

“I’m passionate about spreading original music. I think originality and creativity is more important than statistics and numbers,” he declared.

“I expect my fellow artists to realize that original music does sell. You don’t have to do remakes to sell music. It’s proven here at HomeWorkZ that our music lovers are looking for new creations. Classic songs will always be classic. But new songs are the future of OPM.”

For her part, Mica will soon return to the recording studio with an all-new batch of original songs that she will write by herself or in collaboration with her fellow HomeWorkZ artists.

Just like her uncle Danny Javier was a big part of OPM’s past as a founding member of the Apo Hiking Society, Mica Javier has every intention of playing a key role in its future.