The Apple Mask (yes, it exists!) looks neat, fits snugly and stays in shape

September 25, 2020 - 9:52 PM

Unbox Therapy, a popular tech channel on Youtube, offers a closer look at Apple’s take at the device we all try to use to protect ourselves from the deadly coronavirus—the face mask.

Apple, which is as much a design company as it is a tech giant, indirectly confirmed rumors that it developed its own face mask with a structure, look and make that seems characteristically Apple’s. It is:

  • Packed in a neat, smooth box similar to that of its other products
  • White
  • Of three filters
  • Has a form that considers body shape and movements: pinchable on the nose, rounding on the chin and triangular above the mouth
  • Made to hook behind the ears or at the back of the head for a more secure fit
  • Reusable and washable up to five times
  • Like the iPhone, designed by in California and made in China

“Apple told staff that the Face Mask was developed by the Engineering and Industrial Design teams, the same groups that work on devices such as the iPhone and iPad,” Bloomberg reported.

The mask was designed originally for distribution to its employees and store staff. It is not yet clear if the company intends to release it for retail commercially.