‘Voice 4’: Action, mystery continues in this Korean thriller

July 8, 2021 - 8:33 PM

Unlike Western television series, it is rare for Korean series to have multiple seasons.

“Voice” making it to its fourth season proved that the action is worth continuing.

The new season of the thriller series follows the quest of Derek Jo, portrayed by Song Seung Heon from West to the global South.

As the leader of the Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Division Unit, he followed American gangsters to South Korea.

Despite successfully arresting the gangster, he stayed in South Korea longer than he expected because her sister, after witnessing a crime, was murdered.

To investigate and track down the suspect, Derek Jo worked with the Golden Time Team led by Kang Kwon-joo portrayed by Lee Ha Na.

Along with the female lead, some of the original cast returns in the series such as Son Eun Seo, Kim Joong Ki, and Song Boo Gun. 

Member of Kpop group Winner and Prison Playbook’s Kang Seung-yoon also joins the series as Han Woo-joo, a cyber spy.

“Voice 4” drops a new episode every Saturday and Sunday. It can be streamed on the iQiyi app and iQ.com. —James Patrick Cruz