International taste: 6 Bistro Group restos at QC mall that can satisfy every craving

January 21, 2023 - 5:11 PM
(Interaksyon/Rosette Adel)

From Chinese to American, to Spanish and Italian cuisines, six restaurant concepts of The Bistro Group can satisfy every craving.

These restaurants offering several food options are now open at Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City.

Chinese delights at Modern Shang

(Interaksyon/Rosette Adel)

Whether you are celebrating the Chinese New Year or simply craving for Chinese dishes, Modern Shang can delight you with savory dishes.

Among the restaurant’s best-sellers are the tender and flavorful braised pork knuckle and braised pork belly. Those who are craving for dim sum may also indulge in favorites such as Xiao Long Bao and steamed hakaw shrimp dumplings. Chinese favorites such as birthday noodles, orange chicken, deep-fried squid, roasted crispy pork and wok-fried beef with broccoli are also offered by Modern Shang.

Old and new at Italianni’s

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Many return to Italianni’s for its service and its signature American-Italian dishes like spinach and artichoke formaggio, spaghetti meatballs, chicken Italianni’s and its assorted pastas and pizza.

Recently, it introduced new hearty dishes that could also be loved by patrons. These are:

  • Honey Crisp Apple Salad – Mixed greens, Kale, apple, feta cheese, honey mustard
  • Grilled Pear Salad – Mixed Greens grilled pears and a honey balsamic
  • Braised Beef Osso Bucco Platter – Braised low and slow in tomato and mirepox until fork tender)
  • Braised Beef Osso Bucco Spaghetti
  • Halibut Al Cartoccio – Oven-roasted with potatoes bell pepper, zucchini, olives, capers, eggplant and seafood broth)
  • Blueberry Mango Cheesecake – Classic New York Cheesecake topped with blueberry and mango puree

Meat goodness at Texas Roadhouse

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Carnivores and those who love American food are always in for a treat when they visit the legendary Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant continues to boast a menu filled with juice and hand-cut steaks, award-winning baby back-ribs, mouthwatering burgers, made-from-scratch sides and their famous bread baked fresh every five minutes.

Meat lovers would love their steaks such as sirloin, striploin and ribeye cooked to customers’ liking. Steak flavors can be elevated by ordering steak toppings. The additional layer of flavor choices includes creamy parmesan mushroom, butter barbeque and pico de gallo. The resto is also offering pork chops.

Aside from the hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, fresh baked bread and other meat offerings, the restaurant is also offering ice cold beer and margarita.

Seafood galore at Fish&Co

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Famed for its fish and chips, touted as the best in town, Fish&Co has become one of Pinoys’ favorite restaurants with its variety of seafood dishes offerings.

Its signature fish and chips perfect for snacks are lightly battered and fried to perfection. They are crispy on the outside and moist and tender inside.

Patrons may choose the original variant, or the Philadelphia, Swiss and New York Style. You’ll love every variety.

For the seafood array, pescetarian and seafood lovers may enjoy best-selling seafood curry, crispy crablets and prawn fettucine. They likewise offer meat dishes for the carnivores.

Soulful Spanish cuisine at Las Flores

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If you want to have a sophisticated dining experience, Las Flores has hearty and soulful offerings for you.

The menu starts with a wide selection of Pintxos and bite-size tapas best paired with an equally extensive cocktail menu that includes Las Flores Mule (ginger infused in vodka, cherry blossom, calamansi, ginger beer) and Missionary’s Downfall (Plantation Dark, Archer’s Peach, Schnapps, passion fruit puree, honey, mint).

For starters, Las Flores patrons can try out the following:

  •  Steak Tartar Tacos – Comes with beef, pickles, mustard, quail egg;
  • Fole Explosion – Seared foie, onion jam, air baguette
  • Tuna TNT – Tuna tataki, tomato cold soup, caviar, air baguette.

Las Flores is known for its Spanish dishes which include paellas such as Paella Negra, Setas and Mariscos.

There are also dine-in exclusives such as Dos Por Favor (comprised of Chipirones, Patatas Bravas, Wagyu Bombs, Jamon Croquetas): Make it a Fiesta (Patatas Bravas, Wagyu Bombs, Paella Verduras & a pitcher of Red Sangria) and Para dos Combos (Paella Negra, Chorizo Croquetas & Gambas al Ajillo).

All five restaurants are located on the Upper Ground Floor, Al Fresco of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City.

Guests can cross-order from Las Flores, Modern Shang, Fish & Co, Italianni’s and Texas Roadhouse since they are just a few steps away from each other.

Sweet treat at Randy’s Donuts

(Interaksyon/Rosette Adel)

To cap off your food crawl at Robinsons Magnolia, you may visit the world-famous Randy’s Donuts to get “a hole new experience.”

You may order a box of donuts for a sweet treat before heading home.

The donut shop offers fluffier, airier and ginormous iconic donuts from Los Angeles.

Patrons may order all-time favorites such as the Classic Glazed Raised and deluxe, fancy and premium varieties such as S’mores, Fruit Loops Raised, Apple Fritter, Butter Crumb, Jelly Raspberry and Cake Sprinkles.

They likewise offer a variety of coffee and other beverages for sweet tooth and coffee lovers.