Pinoy pharmacists explain prescription vs over-the-counter drugs amid viral pharmacy video

April 25, 2024 - 6:28 PM
Image by Mohamed_hassan via Pixabay

Filipino pharmacists took to social media to clarify the difference between prescription and over-the-counter drugs, following a viral Facebook video of a customer trying to buy Rx-labeled medication without prescription.

The now-deleted original video has reached various medical professionals who raised concerns on the uploader’s aggression—as well as the unchecked pharmaceutical practices that led to this situation.

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According to Republic Act No. 10918 or the Philippine Pharmacy Act, household remedies for common physical ailments and over-the-counter medicines for symptomatic relief of minor ailments can both be dispensed without a prescription.

However, prescription or ethical medicines can only be dispensed by a pharmacist to a patient upon presenting a prescription from a physician, dentist, or veterinarian.

Article IV, Sec. 33 of the act reiterates that prescription medicines may only be dispensed with a valid prescription.

Violation of any provision in the act, is subject to revocation or suspension of the Certificate of Registration of a licensed pharmacist, or the cancellation of temporary permit of a foreign pharmacy, as stated in Article VI, Sec. 44.

In the the deleted viral video, the uploader tried to prove a point by name-dropping a pharmacy that sold the disputed drug without prescription. An X (formerly Twitter) user called out this malpractice.

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As the issue was talked about by local healthcare workers, they also discussed whether maintenance drugs should still require prescription or not.

While it is not convenient to do so, a registered nurse content creator discussed how regulating maintenance medication is important to keep patients in check, as dosage and brand may change after follow-up check-ups.

Meanwhile, others sympathized with the pharmacist who was “unnecessarily” exposed on social media.

In jest, a medical technologist content creator advised medical professionals to put in effort in presenting themselves in public in case a customer or patient tries to film them as well.

“At least ready tayo,” she said.

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“Sending hugs to Sir Pharmacist,” she wrote in the caption.