Why more Filipinos are entering ‘running era’

June 21, 2024 - 5:41 PM
Image by Jozsef Hocza via Unsplash

Running this year came in vogue among Filipinos regardless of their fitness level.

What’s interesting in the increased interest in running is all the various reasons why more and more people get into their “running era.”

Whether for serious business or for fun, some people find solace in what others may consider a penance.

One telling sign that running is in vogue is the crowds that flock to events.

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In it for the fit

If someone you know randomly buys brand new running gear, it is likely that they have been influenced online.

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Fashion is a powerful tool to propagate trends and sportswear could really be stylish.

Some content creators have found a niche in this area too.

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Healing phase

Running is more spiritual than it is physical to those who turned to running to appease matters of the mind.

It is a time to strike clear-cut clarity amid stress and noise, like for one Pinoy TikTok user who described running as a “healing phase”.

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Long-distance running is a well-documented human feat and a grueling act in which runners say they feel most alive.

The famous quote “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” came from the book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami.

In the book, Murakami talked about running as a means to deal with mental clutter and conduct a disciplined life.

“To deal with something unhealthy, a person needs to be as healthy as possible. That’s my motto. In other words, an unhealthy soul requires a healthy body,” he wrote.

Meeting new people

A running joke online is how dating apps have stopped working so they migrated to Strava, an application that fuses physical training monitoring with social networking features.

This way, people access an untapped radar but narrow the pool down to people with similar interests.

In jest, a Pinoy content creator demonstrated how singles can use Strava to connect.

@jomariangeles_ Replying to @Sundae ♬ original sound – Jomari Angeles

“Guys, your dream girls are not on Bumble; they’re on Strava,” another TikToker posted.

“Maybe I’m kidding, maybe I’m not 🏃‍♀️,” she added. 

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Others also join run clubs to simply socialize and branch out.

Some people still prefer running alone while others enjoy company.

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Aside from apps, Facebook groups can be a great way to connect to other runners in your area.

Run clubs usually have Instagram or Facebook accounts making them convenient to find in your area.

In Metro Manila, there are EZ Run Club, Rockwell Run Club and Tara G Run Club. to name a few. There is also Trailista Run Club for those interested in nature adventure.