GADGETS | Quick review: Divoom Timebox Mini


Our rating:

“Value for money, this one is a keeper”

Divoom Timebox Mini

The gist:

A wireless Bluetooth speaker that can do more than you expect. This is what the Divoom Timebox is. It’s equipped with a compact 5-watt full-range driver (speaker), and it even has its own DSP (Digital Sound Processing) chip fine-tuned by Divoom acoustic engineers. But aside from the music, you’ll also get 121 L.E.D. that that would light up in tune with the beat, plus it will even create eye-candy pixel arts, which you could also make and customize for your own listening and visual pleasure. Indeed, a one of a kind desktop companion.

The good:

Fun & colorful pixel art
Programmable LED light
Easy to use
Simple but functional design
Nice sound via Bluetooth
Long battery life

The bad:

External app needed to access most of the functions

Our verdict:

Here’s a Bluetooth speaker that acts like an AI, but it’s not. Not only can it deliver your music, this box can also track your calendar, act as a voice memo, deliver the weather, can do pixel chat, it even has games and social media alerts, and of course an alarm clock. Have you heard or seen anything like it? Well, here it is. The Divoom Timebox mini can do all of those mentioned. While some may use it merely as a wireless speaker or others as a night light, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out on the other tricks this box can do. Try out the pixel art feature. There are dozens already available in the box with hundreds more available online. You can even create your own and unleash the pixel artist in you, and watch it come alive on the Timebox Mini. Those same pixel arts you can send via app to another person with the same Timebox Mini. How cool is that? Only drag is, you need to have a smartphone and its app to truly make all those features to work. Nevertheless, the Divoom Timebox Mini is the new way to drive your music wirelessly and have fun while doing it.

Divoom Timebox Mini

Quick specs:

Processor: 296 MHz
Flash memory: 128 mb
Battery: 2500 MAH; 8hrs+ playtime
Colors: 16 Million RGB
LED: Programmable; 121 LED
Discover the world of pixel art
Output power: 5W
Bluetooth: v4.0
Signal-to-noise ratio: 78 dB
Frequency response: 60-20000Hz
Available in 7 different colors

What’s in the box?

Divoom Timebox Mini
USB cable (mini)

SRP: ₱2,790.