Lola Amour’s Pio Dumayas shares creativity hack: ‘Don’t take life too seriously’

September 25, 2023 - 12:11 PM
Pio Dumayas of the Filipino rock band Lola Amour during the G Creator Con held at the Globe Tower in Taguig City on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2023. (Chuck Smith/Interaksyon)

Struggling on how to ward off mental block while working on your creative projects? 

Pio Dumayas, the vocalist of the Filipino band Lola Amour, says he stays creative by making sure he is working on something he is truly passionate about. 

“Yun yung rule ko as a songwriter. Kung hindi ko ramdam yung sinasabi ko sa kanta, hindi ko siya masusulat,” he said at the G Creator Con held at the Globe Tower in Taguig City on Sunday, September 18.

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The Lola Amour lead vocalist talked to artists and content creators during his panel titled “Overcoming Mental Block and Creative Process.” There, Pio talked about his songwriting process—particularly how he wrote the band’s hit song “Raining in Manila” (with co-band member Raymond King).

Pio said it took him three weeks to write “Raining in Manila”—a considerable amount of time as it only took him two hours to write “Pwede Ba,” a song Lola Amour released in 2019.

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For “Raining in Manila”—a song the Lola Amour artist had previously explained is a love letter of sorts to friends who moved to a different country—the writing process only because easy and natural when Pio “discovered that this is something that I want to write about.”

“It’s a song about your friends who have moved abroad in search of a better life. it’s about how you just wish that they’re doing good na even though hindi na kayo nagke-keep in touch, gusto mo lang malaman na okay sila, na you’re just hoping na okay pa sila and they’re doing good for themselves” he explained.

Pio shared that the idea for “Raining in Manila” came specifically after a friend who had moved abroad sent him a message asking him how he was.

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He added: “Tinanong ako, ‘Kumusta ka na?’ Given my schedule, lahat kami busy. ‘I’m good,’ yun na lang sagot mo. ‘Nothing’s happening.’ That was the inspiration; that was the moment I decided that would be the topic for ‘Raining in Manila.’”

“Things are always easier when you want to do it,” Pio quipped.  

Addressing the content creators during his panel, Pio shared five tips he utilizes to get over a creative block. 

1. Make things easy

Pio, who also works as producer for an alternative news website, said he tricks his brain at the start of the day to give him a sense of momentum. 

“I fix my bed, I fold my blanket. I do all the easy stuff first. So at 10 o clock, motivated ka na, happy ka na,” he said.

The songwriter added that he finds it important to stop when feeling tired. “Take a bit to relax and then continue after,” he said. 

2. Keep good company

“For me, it’s important to be around people who are always creative and are asking the right questions,” Pio said. 

He added that it is important to talk to people who “experience the world in a different way than you” as it allows him to “keep company good company and have conversations to be able to stay creative and ask questions.”

Pio Dumayas of Filipino band Lola Amour advises fellow creatives during the G Creator Con at the Globe Tower in Taguig City on Sept. 18, 2023. (Chuck Smith/Interaksyon)

3. Have other outlets

Keeping a hobby or creative activity allows Pio to have an outlet other than his day job as a news producer and his music with Lola Amour. 

“It’s still a creative activity but walang pressure. Try to find a hobby that you do not care what you would think about it,” he said.

Pio added that the “therapeutic activity” and not the product of this hobby should be the goal.

4.  Don’t take life too seriously

It’s important to think how people see yourself but don’t think about it too much,” Pio said. 

5. Keep your impostor syndrome in check

Lastly, Pio shared: “It’s always important to have an important level of impostor syndrome, but not too much.”

Impostor syndrome is the feeling of incompetence and discomfort one feels over their own success.

The American Psychological Associationd defines impostor syndrome as one’s inability to internalize and accept their own success.

Lola Amour is a Filipino rock band consisting of Pio Dumayas, Raymond King, Zoe Gonzales, Angelo Mesina and David Yuhico. The band was founded in 2013 and has released songs such as “Pwede ba,” “Fallen,” and “Closer than Before (feat. Clara Benin).”

Their song “Raining in Manila,” released in 2023, became an online hit, shooting them to mainstream fame.

The band recently made headlines after K-pop group GOT7 member BamBam hinted at a collaboration with the Filipino band through his social media posts.

BamBam performed the song during his concert at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on Friday, September 22.

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G Creator Con, an initiative of Globe Telecom, brought together content creators, influencers and industry experts to share insights about the digital content world and help them live out their dreams. — Chuck Smith