Filipina rapper Alex Bruce’s ‘Yakap’ MV features SB19’s Justin De Dios as love interest

February 5, 2021 - 7:18 PM

(UPDATED: 8:42 p.m.) Filipina rapper Alex Bruce on Friday released the official music video of her single “Yakap” on video-sharing platform YouTube.

The music video was a treat to SB19 fans (A’TIN) as it featured SB19 member’s Justin De Dios who made a surprise cameo as Bruce’s love interest.

In the video, De Dios exchanged smiles with the hip-hop sensation and shared sweet moments with Bruce such as pillow fights, fake tattooing, and other onscreen activities.

“It’s a fun and creative concept,” De Dios said.

“I really like the fact that the MV showcases both the ‘maangas’ and cute sides of Alex,” he added.

The rapper also said she had fun working with De Dios, citing that the P-Pop member was very friendly and warm on the set.

“I’m really into Korean dramas, and Justin somehow looked the part: innocently good-looking and very much charismatic,” the R&B and hip-hop star said.

As a leading man, he really shone effortlessly in terms of acting, and gave us the kilig that we truly deserve,” she added.

De Dios returned the favor by praising Bruce’s artistry and talent.

“I am really impressed with her skills. I wanted to introduce her to A’tin as she could be a source of inspiration for a lot of young dreamers too,” the SB19 member said.

“She’s an interesting kid, and we had a lot of fun talking to each other about random things. One thing I also noticed while working with her is how close she is to her parents. It’s very adorable!” he added.

Bruce penned “Yakap” as a tribute to young love. It was conceived as a three-way collaboration featuring the 14-year-old teen star, her Australia-based dad, and music producer Cursebox.

The music video is now available for streaming via Sony Music Philippines. —Rosette Adel