SB19 fans cheer release of ‘WYAT (Where You AT)’ music video

September 3, 2022 - 2:00 PM
SB19 (Sony Music/Released)

SB19 fans, collectively known as A’tin, celebrated the release of the Filipino boy group’s WYAT (Where You AT) music video. 

“The whole music video ended so well. Production, creatives, lyrics, the song itself ugh masasabi mong they really put their whole heart into it. Everything is just so good about this song. Keep streaming fam!” a fan wrote

“Sir, what about my MENTAL STABILITY?!?!?!” a fan said, commending Ken’s performance. 

#WYAT is a wholesome bop, soty wbk [we been knew]” a Twitter user wrote

Pablo‘s backflip, wearing roller skates, also wowed fans. 

“I must say ‘thanks to these men and their music for being there when no checks on me,'” an online user wrote

Another also pointed out the symbolism in the music video showing the clock’s hour hand at 8 and 10. This reads A’TIN, the fandom’s name, a fan noted. 

The members of the group played a significant role in the creation of the music video. 

SB19 member Paolo and his brother Josue produced the single. Pablo also wrote the song. 

Stell choreographed the dance, while Justin was responsible for the creative direction.

“WYAT” is a song that chronicles the reconnection of a bond after a very challenging phase in life,” the Filipino boy group said. 

“We’ve been performing for almost half of our lives together, and due to the pandemic, our world was suddenly put on hold,” Pablo shared.

“I felt a disconnection among the group brought about by the lockdown, and I’ve wanted to reach out to them through this song” he continued. 

“Everything we put out is connected,” Justin said. “It all started from the teaser during the present day then we went back to the past, from the 50s (diner) to 70s (roller disco) to the 90s (arcade) and back to the present,” he added.

The group is scheduled to have a WYAT [Where You At] Tour, which will kick off on September 17 at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, followed by a series of shows in Clark, Cebu, and Davao, among others.

Following the local shows of SB19, the group will fly to the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, to name a few. 

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