SB19, The Juans team up for new song ‘Team Tayo’

August 18, 2023 - 6:17 PM
Team Tayo Song Release KV (1)
Pop boy groups SB19 and The Juans released a new song entitled "Team Tayo," the new anthem of cellular service brand TM. (TM/Released)

Filipino pop boy groups SB19 and The Juans (known together as SBJuan9) once again teamed up to launch the new anthem of cellular service brand TM entitled “Team Tayo” last Friday.

The song about real-life stories of teamwork among Filipinos is SBJuan9’s fourth collaboration for the brand, with their previous collaboration being “Push ang Pusuan” in 2021 along with singer Matthaios.

Last month, the groups announced their collaboration via TikTok live, where they showed a glimpse of the songwriting process as they took inspiration from real life stories of Filipinos.

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While the song’s message is about teamwork, the song itself is also a product of collaboration. The Juans vocalist Carl Guevarra says their bond with SB19 helped them form the song.

“Every time we collaborate with SB19, the songs we come up with are always special because we share one heartbeat of uplifting ordinary Filipinos through our music,” Guevarra said.

SB19 and The Juans first collaborated in 2020 with the song “TM FunPasko (Samahang Pina-Easy)” with Donnalyn Bartolome.