SB19’s Pablo marks another collab with brother Josue with ‘Akala’

February 2, 2024 - 7:53 PM

SB19 leader and main rapper Pablo once again collaborated with his brother, Josue of Radkidz, for his new track titled “Akala”, a hard-hitting track that unraveled their songwriting and production talents anew.

Josue also co-produced the viral hits “Gento” and “Determinado.”

Pablo said “Akala” was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic when Josue asked him to listen to one of his beats with a partially written verse about finding escape in getting wasted.

Pablo shared that he and Josue have different practices and perspectives about alcohol drinking.

“Even though we have different practices in terms of drinking, we agree on the idea that alcohol is not the answer to problems,” he explained.

The SB19 member said that he added some singing parts to improve his brother’s work with his consent.

He said that the new song has a “more laid-back” and “dreamy vibe.”

“I added some singing parts and a hook and gave the song a resolution in terms of musical arrangement. We wanted it to be a song that’s easy to listen to and sing along to, just like how it is when friends gather and sing together,” the artist behind “La Luna” said.

“I asked him if I could also write my verse in the song and tweak some parts, and he agreed. I didn’t want the song to just be about getting wasted, so I thought of a way to introduce my perspective through rearranging the letters of ‘alak’ and that’s how ‘Akala’ materialized. My mother also pitched in a line in the song and it made more sense,” Pablo said.

“Akala was” released on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment last Tuesday.

It was accompanied by a visualizer uploaded on YouTube that has so far garnered 118,000 views. — Rosette Adel