Twitter user goes viral for unboxing cosmetic products for his girlfriend

July 22, 2019 - 1:23 PM
Makeup brushes and cosmetic products. (Pexels/Stock photo)

A man was asked by his girlfriend to unbox her cosmetic purchases she had delivered to his house within the metro.

Twitter user @gastonisweird shared that his girlfriend purchased makeup products online but was not there to personally receive it.

So he did the unboxing and recorded it so she could see that her purchases were intact upon delivery.

As with every unboxing, the Twitter user commented on every product showed on the screen.

It was his remarks, however, that caught the viewers’ attention and had them hitting the “like” and “retweet” buttons.

When he unboxed a primer, for instance, he immediately exclaimed, “Ohh, it’s shiny!” and then commented that most makeup products wouldn’t be expensive if not for its packaging.

The Twitter user also unboxed a hydration serum and added, “You know, you don’t need to buy a hydration serum. I think it’s called water.”

He also twirled a facial mist infused with rosehip seed oil and gold flakes in front of the camera and said, “Look at that. Look at all of that dirt that they put inside of this.”

His comments prompted amused Twitter users to request for more unboxing videos from him in the future.

Unboxing is when people show off their purchases and then describe or comment on them in front of a camera. Others would also give product reviews.

It is usually done by vloggers and influencers who unbox everything from gadgets to makeup products so that their followers can have a preview of what they have bought and what the viewers can buy.

According to a feature by CNN Business, the activity offers “an unvarnished and honest peek at commercial products.”

“People want to know what they’re really getting, whether the product looks cheap or well made, or if there are more parts than advertised. It’s research material for devoted comparison shoppers and collectors,” it added.