Wedding filmmaker Jason Magbanua breaks silence over viral allegations

October 18, 2019 - 9:34 PM
Jason Magbanua
Jason Magbanua redefined how weddings are filmed by popularizing a technique and format called "same day edit" wherein a team of videographers shoot, edit and present a mini-documentary of the wedding on the same day. (Jason Magbanua photo via Facebook)

Saying the allegations are fabrications, pioneering wedding videographer Jason Magbanua broke his silence after an anonymous social media user claimed that he got her pregnant and he sleeps with his female clients.

In a long Twitter thread, Magbanua wrote that the faceless character has been “harassing” him, his family, friends and even his clients “for the past four months.”

He said he initially kept mum since he thought people would not “give credence to an anonymous account.”

Magbanua argued that the Facebook user who posted the allegations in an online group “Budget Wedding Suppliers and Photographers” is a “fabricated persona with a fabricated story.”

The user has an internet protocol address from Metro Manila, he said, and not from “Tampa, Florida,” where she claimed to be residing.

He also said she harassed his daughter on Instagram last August under the handle “sigmund_magbanua” by sending her messages like, “You want some dick.”

“You have been peddling this story since last August, to whoever would listen. You’ve done Twitter, IG (Instagram), Fashion Pulis and all of its 47 readers, then professional groups (on) Facebook. All the while, harassing my partner, my children and friends. Now we are back (on) Twitter,” Magbanua said.

The videographer added that the person has been changing, refining and revising the “sob story.”

He then claimed how the narrative unfolded.

“Last August, it was a kid longing for his father. You were still sending him to daycare, remember? September — you Googled a rare blood disease and slapped it on the kid (mahiya ka naman sa totoong may sakit na ganito),” Magbanua wrote.

“And as I predicted — this October, the kid will pass/passed away,” he added.

Magbanua attached a screenshot of a certain Instagram post where she commented that he “should’ve” attended their child’s supposed funeral.

The videographer also pointed out that she included names of other people in her viral post despite primarily saying that she “just want to warn women” of his alleged sexual predatory nature.

“You mention a couple (of) other people in your long-winded post. Really? Is that necessary? Or do you also have a vendetta against them? You have been messaging them too, right? Threatening them? Keep the vitriol to me. Not to others. ‘Wag ka na (mangdamay),” Magbanua said.

He admitted that the issue has been giving him anxiety but added that he will “rise” above the controversy.

“So ayan, first and last statement ko. Tagal ko kinimkim ‘yan. Hindi ito hugas-kamay. I’m not a saint. The hardest lessons are learned through the hardest ways. The most painful ways. But you know guys — I’ll rise above this. This won’t define me. Just wait and see,” Magbanua wrote.

He popularized the concept of “same-day edits” and wedding videos with his notable cinematography and overall editing.

Some of Magbanua’s previous clients include couples Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, and Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto.

The case of ‘Jamie Dy’

Yesterday, a certain “Jamie Dy” alleged that Magbanua sleeps with his female clients—supposedly the “brides and bridesmaids” involved in his projects.

She posted it on a Facebook group which eventually became viral until it reached other social media platforms.

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The anonymous user also claimed that Magbanua got her pregnant after she supposedly met him at a wedding in 2015.

“I found out I was pregnant the same time I found out about his (alleged) ex-wife and his girlfriend. I did not bother him because from the get-go, I didn’t need anything from him. Not his money, nor his presence. I packed my bags and left Manila for the United States and never bothered him again,” she wrote.

She also claimed that Magbanua was an “irresponsible father” who dismissed her requests to meet her and their supposed son before the latter reportedly lost his life from leukemia.

“May all women have the strength to stand up to a misogynistic man. I share my experience not for the fame, but for everyone to know that evil exists. And that evil can take (the) form of a human being. So beware,” the user wrote.

Magbanua dismissed “Jaime Dy” as a fabricated persona with a false story.

A caller named ‘Miranda’ 

When the anonymously written post became viral, a podcast episode of “Good Times with Mo” surfaced on Twitter which some Filipinos claimed was one of the supposed women the famed videographer had slept with.

The call aired on the sixtieth episode of the podcast’s sixth season, specifically from the 43:17-mark.

The host, Mo Twister, cited the show’s rules to disclose the names of public personalities who figure in callers’ stories. He urged the caller identified only as “Miranda” to reveal whom she was referring to.

“Miranda” said that a wedding videographer with the name of “Jason” flirted with her even though he already has a girlfriend at that time.

“He started messaging me everyday and I would message back. It’s just that sometimes, he’s very naughty and I didn’t like it at first because I knew that he has a girlfriend who’s also in the industry,” she said.

The caller proceeded to narrate the early days of her supposed relationship with “Jason.”

“So let’s stay he started flirting with me January and we f**ked March. Okay? So it only happened once in March, March 2017, and I thought it was just a one-night stand because he said it would be a one-night stand. So after a couple of weeks, he messaged me again and he wanted to do it again,” she said.

“Miranda” claimed that he got her pregnant a year after but had refused to acknowledge the child.

“A year after I got pregnant, it was six weeks old, I told him right away the day I knew that I’m pregnant, the day after that, I called him, ‘Hey, do you wanna come over?'” the caller said.

“And he was like, ‘You know what, I don’t wanna be part of this’ and he just went away. He’s like, boom, wala na,” she continued.

Mo advised the caller to humbly come clean before her friends and colleagues in the wedding industry about what happened to her and admit her mistake in being involved with a man in a relationship.