‘It’s normal’: Women say amid criticisms vs Robredo ditching heels after debate

March 4, 2022 - 2:14 PM
Composite photo of Leni Robredo, presidential candidate, on barefoot in 2016 and in 2022 (Facebook, Twitter/Leni Robredo)

Personalities Inka Magnaye, Gab Pangilinan and other Filipino women voiced out how removing heels is a normal practice to relieve their feet from pain after a long day of wearing them.

These talks came after a presidential bet was talked about online when she was spotting walking on barefoot following the CNN Philippines’ debates last weekend.

Magnaye described ditching of heels as “the most normal thing.”

“I don’t understand why people are acting like removing heels is such an unnatural occurrence that it must be a cry for attention. Any person who has worn heels for a whole day can relate to that. It’s like removing your bra at the end of the day. It’s the most normal thing,” she said.

Her tweet has since earned more than 17,000 likes, 2,200 retweets and 266 quote-retweets.

Actress Gab Pangilinan also criticized those who are downplaying the pain of wearing heels for hours.

“No shoes > No show. Kung di mo pa nasubukan mag heels for over three hours, wala kang karapatan mag comment,” Pangilinan said.

Zy-za Suzara, executive director of think-tank the Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy (iLEAD), called on others to “stop demonizing” women who take off heels.

“It is perfectly normal to feel pain, so stop demonizing women who take off their heels and go barefoot. It doesn’t make us any less authentic,” Suzara said.

Some women, on the other hand, shared experiences of how good they felt after removing heels during events they attended before.

“During my competition days, dancing and standing in heels is freaking tiring. Imagine pa you have dress rehearsals, blockings, and finally the performance. It gets painful at the end of the day. You’ll see me and the girls walking around barefoot after our performance. Normal yun,” a Twitter user said.

“Noong high school ako, kaming magkakaklase e tinanggal ang high heels sa kalagitnaan ng JS prom. Di naman naging issue sa school namin. I think it’s a normal thingy samin girls,” another Twitter user shared.

Some also pointed out that wearing heels is a form of expression where they feel good and empowered.

“’Pag attend ka ng events or you just want to power dress-up, usually it looks good on high heels, pero the minute you release your feet, pure bliss,” one Twitter user said.

Others found the comments against women removing their heels misogynistic or sexist.

“This is the most that their tiny braincells could do. I can really feel the misogynistic undertone,” a Twitter user said.

Online buzz on ditching of heels

After the presidential debate last Sunday, February 27, Vice President Leni Robredo, a presidential candidate, posted a photo of herself walking barefoot as she exits the venue.

Robredo was also carrying the heels she wore during the event.

“True leadership is stepping up and showing up… even if it means standing in heels for 3 hours,” she said on the post.

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Some critics, however, criticized Robredo for it. They described it as a “PR stunt” for her campaign.

Robredo on March 2 clap back at critics by pointing out that she normally removes her heels every time they hurt her feet.

She also attached a 2016 photo where she could be seen celebrating in Naga City on barefoot.

“Pinagpipiyestahan pala ng trolls yung pag tanggal ko ng sapatos after the debate. PR stunt daw kasi election. Hindi naman yun first time. Kahit walang election, ginagawa ko yan pag sumasakit paa ko,” she said.