Filipino craftsmanship on display at Miss Universe Philippines 2022 nat’l costume presentation

April 27, 2022 - 4:56 PM
MUPH 2022 natcos
Pauline Amelinckx, Michelle Dee and Celeste Cortesi in their respective national costumes in these photos uploaded by the Miss Universe Philippines for the 2022 competition. (Facebook/Miss Universe Philippines)

This year’s Miss Universe Philippines national costume competition puts a spotlight on the country’s local textile industry and the craftsmanship of Filipinos.

The concept was lauded by pageant fans who saw a glimpse of the candidates’ respective outfits on social media.

The Miss Universe Philippines organization on Tuesday uploaded their pictures while a video presentation was shared on YouTube.

“The Philippine textile industry is an integral part of our uniquely beautiful history. It represents the rich stories and craftsmanship of different tribes and communities throughout the archipelago. It is part of the fabric of our national identity,” the organization said.

“Aside from promoting our tourism, the Miss Universe Philippines Organization also aims to promote and put forward Filipino textiles and weavings because these are treasures we can’t afford to lose. This is an industry we want to continue and help strengthen,” it added.

“The theme for this year’s National Costume presentation is HABI (weaving). 30% of our finalists’ costumes should be comprised of Philippine textiles or weaving,” MUPH further said.

The 32 candidates showcased costumes crafted by local designers, inspired by provincial festivals, ethnic tribes, Filipino culture and legends, among others.

Pageant fans commended the national costumes’ concept in the comments section.

“What amazing designs… A craft to be proud of… Weaving is really our masterpiece… Let us support our local weavers. Sulong, Pinoy,” a Facebook user said in response to the attires.

“Galing ng overall concept ngayon!!! Congrats, Miss Universe Philippines,” another online user exclaimed.

“I Love Pinoy! #artistpinoy #GawangPinas (clapping emoji). For me, they are all stunning and fabulous, craftsmanship is awesome,” wrote a different Filipino.

The national costume segment of Miss Universe gives bets a chance to display an outfit that best represents their home country’s culture.

Meanwhile, the coronation of Miss Universe Philippines 2022 is set for April 30. The winner will be sent off to represent the country in the 71st Miss Universe wherein Harnaaz Sandhu of India will crown her successor.

Weaving 101 

Reports said that weaving in the country goes back to the 13th century. Filipinos use local cotton, fibers, abaca and pineapple as their raw materials.

The art reveals the craftsmanship of locals and their community’s history. It also provides a glimpse of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Apart from being a recreational activity among weavers, the pursuit is also a tradition considered an artistic expression of their beliefs.

Textiles and colors are used to represent different rituals in the country. There are also specific patterns used for traditional dancers for courtship, healing, war, harvest and protection.

Tribes also associate textile colors with different events. For example, brown is for death and mourning while red, a power color, is used by healers in Pinatubo Negro.