Passenger looking for EDSA bus carousel was directed to different carousel

November 21, 2022 - 7:11 PM
Photo shows the carousel ride in SM Mall of Asia by the Bay (Screengrab from Google Street View Maps)

A social media user had a hilarious experience while asking a stranger the way to the EDSA bus carousel. 

Instead of the bus terminal or stop, he was directed to a different carousel—a horse carousel in an amusement park at SM Mall of Asia By the Bay in Pasay City. 

“Hinahanap ko po yung sakayan ng EDSA carousel sa MOA iba po yung tinuro sakin please help po gusto ko lang naman po makauwi,” the Facebook user said

His Facebook post sparked hilarious banter in the comment section. 

“Saan ka punta? Vroom vroom neigh neigh,” a Facebook user wrote spoofing Nik Makino’s song “Moon.”

“Dyan po talaga ang sakayan… sa horse po kayo sasakay, nalipad po yan,” a social media user jokingly said

“May portal po dyan,” an online user wrote in jest. 

“HAHAHHAHA jusqo yung pagod na pagod kna tapos dito ka pinadpad ng tinanungan mo,” a Facebook user said

“Literal na carousel,” a social media user said

As of writing, the Facebook post earned more than 18,000 laugh reactions, 16,000 shares, and 806 comments. 

On Tuesday, November 15, the Department of Transportation announced that the round-the-clock free ride at the EDSA Bus Carousel would start on December 1. This will last until the end of the year. 

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