‘Eco-friendly cement’: Building material supplier beefs up portfolio for sustainable construction

May 4, 2023 - 1:22 PM
This April 2023 photo shows the stage during the launch of Holcim Excel Eco Planet. (Holcim Philippines/Facebook)

A building provider widened its portfolio of construction solutions through the rebranding of its flagship blended cement product.

Holcim Philippines on April 18 launched Excel ECOPlanet, a more sustainable blended cement that claims to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than other cement in the market.

Its earlier version is Excel. Launched over 20 years ago, Excel has become one of the most sought-after blended cement products for general construction. The company recorded over two million bags sold since its release.

In 2021, the Holcim Group launched a series of high-performance and eco-friendly blended cement called ECOPlanet.

Through continuous product improvement, the company upgraded Excel and lowered its carbon footprint by 30%. This made the product earn the “ECOPlanet” mark, thus renamed and revamped it as Excel ECOPlanet.

In a statement, Holcim Philippines president and CEO Horia Adrian said that the rebranded version is a “milestone” in the organization’s overall sustainable journey for construction.

“Excel ECOPlanet is an important milestone in our sustainability journey in the Philippines. It combines the strong legacy of Excel in the country and the Group’s direction of accelerating innovation to decarbonize building,” Adrian said.

On the website, Excel ECOPlanet is promoted as a blended cement with “enhanced performance advantages in workability, durability and reliable strength for better construction outcome.”

“This product is compliant to the performance requirements of ASTM C595 and PNS 63, under the Type IT-MH classification,” the description reads.

The rest of Holcim Philippines’ products can be viewed on this link: Cement (holcim.ph).

In line with this launch, the local unit of Holcim is also set to run a campaign that seeks to provide sustainable products to builders called the “Likas at Lakas.”

Holcim Philippines boasts of reducing its carbon footprint by more than 20% through the production of blended cement solutions.

It has also pushed for the country to adopt this type of cement to help make the construction sector more sustainable and of higher quality.