‘Iconic’: Pinoy content creator Mathilda Airlines wows in Loewe video

September 25, 2023 - 4:49 PM
Composite photo of Queen Mathilduh for Loewe and a poster of Loewe's Polly Pocket look on Instagram (@loewe, loewe/TikTok, Instagram)

Filipino content creator Mathilda, also known as Mathilda Airlines, has been featured by a Spanish luxury fashion brand in its latest social media campaign.

On its official TikTok account, Loewe posted a video featuring Mathilda who did her signature pole-spinning move while wearing a look from the brand’s Polly Pocket-inspired Fall/Winter Women’s Collection 2023.

Mathilda also introduced the pink-and-green ensemble to the viewers after her pole spin.

“The square line pastel hues top and skirt are inspired by the Polly Pocket toy dolls, and crafted with a leather-weaving technique,” she said in the video.

@loewe Queen @Mathilda Airlines Official ✈️ wearing a #PollyPocket Look from #LOEWE ♬ original sound – LOEWE

The TikTok has since garnered over 5 million views on Loewe’s TikTok page.

Several celebrities, both local and overseas, praised the content creator for this feature.

Among those who lauded Mathilda include Bretman Rock, Anne Curtis-Smith, Nina Ellaine and Parker Kit Hill.

Other Filipinos also expressed amazement after Mathilda made it to a luxury brand’s social media page.

“OMG. Sobrang taray naman ni Queen Mathilda. She has a collab w/ @LoeweOfficial! Yes, Loewe! Ka-vouge, na ka-vouge!” an X user posted.

“Iconic!” another Filipino on the X app said with a clapping emoji.

Loewe, a Spanish luxury fashion house, specializes on bags, accessories, shoes and clothing for women. According to Celebrityendorsers.com, its celebrity endorsers include Saint Levant, Jamie Dornan, Diliamne Jacob and Lara Worthington.

Polly Pocket, on the other hand, was first designed by Chris Wiggs in 1983 for his daughter. The concept was to have a tiny dollhouse inside a makeup compact for young girls to carry.

British manufacturer Bluebird Toys later manufactured the toy design into over 350 unique sets, thus becoming a sensation among children at that time.

In the 1990s, this design was discontinued after Mattel, which owns Barbie, took over the company.

While no longer as popular as before, Mattel’s version of Polly Pocket can still be purchased online and in some of its stores.

Loewe once again brought up the concept of Polly Pocket through 3D-molded stylish leather clothing.

The 3D molding technique created an illusion of whimsical clothes that dolls could wear.

The colors were also inspired by the bright, pastel hues of Polly Pocket sets.


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To cop Mathilda’s Loewe look, the pieces she wore can be viewed on the fashion house’s website: Toy proportions (loewe.com).

Mathilda rose to internet fame after a TikTok video of her spinning on a pole went viral.

Her friend uploaded a video of Mathilda spinning in December 2022.

Prompted by her sudden popularity, Mathilda created her own TikTok account and started her journey as a content creator. She has been using her platform to also discuss relevant issues faced by Filipinos.

As of writing, Mathilda has 788,600 followers and 33.8 million likes on TikTok.