WATCH | Lascañas feels much safer away from the Philippines

April 20, 2017 - 10:04 PM
Arturo Lascañas in Singapore
Arturo Lascañas, speaking from his Singapore safehouse, said he'd rather suffer being killed or jailed than risk eternal damnation for keeping quiet about DDS.

Mae Anne Los Baños, News5

SINGAPORE – Even in the sanctuary of his safe house in this city state, Arturo Lascañas, the confessed former police officer who linked the so-called Davao Death Squad to President Rodrigo Duterte while he was still mayor of Davao City, cannot say he has cast away all fear for his safety.

That’s because, he says, he knows the extent to which President Duterte can order actions to be taken against him, especially after he came out with insinuations that associated Duterte to the death squad or summary killing machine.

The whistle blower spoke to News5 at the safe house after having been in Singapore for more than a week.

In spite of the inevitable and residual apprehension about his security, though, Lascañas says he definitely feel much safer in Singapore, the restrictions on his mobility not withstanding.

“Tsaka wala akong alinlanagn na anytime may papasok sa kwarto ko. Dito ay very safe ako (And I don’t have to be wary about anybody sneaking into my room anytime. I am very safe here).”

Even though there are fellow Filipinos who catch glimpses of him in Singapore, he says he feels no pressure. He is confident that nothing bad will happen to him here, unlike back home in the Philippines where even the location of his safe house has been unraveled.

He does acknowledge that part of the residual fear that he feels in his skin has to do with concern for the safety of his family.

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