WATCH | Duterte felt insulted by Trudeau bringing up extrajudicial killings

November 15, 2017 - 12:40 AM
President Duterte and Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau discussing nuts and bolts. Photograph from Presidential Photo Bureau.

President Rodrigo Duterte disclosed late Tuesday night that he did not bother to dignify Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mention of extra judicial killings irritants and related human rights issues at the sidelines of the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit.

President Duterte described the brief exchange with Trudeau as “a personal and official insult” to him.

“I said that I will not explain. It angers me when you are a foreigner and you do not know exactly what is happening in this country,” the president explained during a press briefing after the ASEAN Summit ended.

“You don’t even investigate. You only show before the United Nations a record of how many persons died, which you claimed to be extrajudicially (killed),” he added.

I told him: “I only answer to a Filipino. I will not answer to any bullshit foreigner.”

Trudeau earlier told journalists that he had mentioned Canada’s concerns over the human rights situation, especially on the issue of the alleged extra-judicial killings.

Asked about the President’s reaction, the Canadian leader said Duterte was “receptive.”

Duterte said he told Trudeau he could investigate: “I said why don’t you investigate first and find out the truth? Whatever happened, why are you not giving us in government the simple rule of the right to be heard?”

“You know, I was elected by the people of the Republic of the Philippines I only answer to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino even if you’re just a fisherman, and you ask me, I’ll explain to you patiently.”

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