Vlogger Angel Dei warns followers against accepting food from strangers

August 30, 2019 - 12:30 PM
Angel Dei
Vlogger Angel Dei discouraged her followers from accepting anything from strangers. (Instagram/_angeldei)

.YouTube vlogger Angel Dei warned her followers against accepting food or any other item from a stranger after a Twitter post about receiving a milk tea caught her attention.

The viral post, created by Twitter user Sofia Marie Magbanua, was an expression of gratitude but Dei insisted it was “not safe.”

Magbanua posted that she anonymously received a milk tea drink after an unidentified user from a question-and-answer social network said there was something for her “outside.”

When she went out, she found an unopened milk tea drink left behind near the gate.

Her post went viral until it reached Dei, who advised other Twitter users not to encourage the act.

There were some Twitter users who defended Magbanua, claiming that the milk tea drink was clean and unopened even though it was left in a public place.

Some even argued that the area where Magbanua supposedly resides, Kidapawan, is reportedly safe and free from suspicious characters.

Dei explained in a follow-up tweet that her point was about safety concerns and not necessarily about the place where the milk tea drink was found, among others.

When a Twitter user insisted that the vlogger should “experience” how safe their city supposedly is, Dei responded that she did not mention anything about the matter.

“It’s not safe to accept things from strangers. Wala akong sinabing hindi safe city ninyo. Thanks,” she said.

It is generally unwise to accept anything from people you do not personally know for safety reasons.

This type of thinking has been instilled to us in our younger years but for child psychologist David Carey, children must be taught to practice caution instead of being fearful of strangers.

For Carey, children should be empowered to listen to their intuition and be taught how to interact with strangers in smart ways.