Dislike spree vs Kakie Pangilinan’s debut single 2 years after release

February 3, 2021 - 4:28 PM
Kakie Pangilinan (Twitter/kakiep83)

Singer-songwriter Frankie “Kakie” Pangilinan and her fans recently promoted her two-year-old song after it suddenly earned dislikes and negative comments supposedly from supporters of the current administration.

Pangilinan debuted her single “TYL” or “true young lovers,” a song she wrote and produced with former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia in 2019, under Curve Entertainment.

The song previously entered the iTunes Chart, a global music chart, in the Philippines, Canada and Australia.

Nearly two years later, a video of Pangilinan performing this song during her radio guesting suddenly gained more than 126,000 dislikes and slew of offensive remarks.

This was uploaded on Wish 107.5‘s YouTube channel way back Aug. 27, 2019.

Kakie, also the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, noticed the surge of comments and dislikes last week and shared screenshots of these on her Twitter account.

“That’s not human,” she quipped.

In another tweet, Kakie addressed supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, dubbed as DDS (Duterte Die-hard Supporters) to inform them about her new single “Afterparty.”

She also attached the link of it from Spotify, a streaming platform.

“Hello po sa mga DDS! Eto na rin ang spotify link sa bagong kanta ko para mastream n’yo and then u can tell me how much u hate it, oof!” Kakie wrote.

Her fans also urged others to counter these alleged trolls.

Kakie is known for being outspoken and critical of government’s policies and other national concerns.

She started the “HijaAko” movement, an online protest against victim-blaming and sexual harassment.

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Hate comments

Some of the hate comments on Kakie’s performance video began three weeks ago.

YouTube comment on Kakie Pangilinan’s “TYL” Wish Bus video retrieved by Interaksyon  on February 3, 2021

Some critics are attacking Kakie manner of singing.

“Naka ilang take ‘yan bago naayos ang full video,” a YouTube user said.

“Speaking voice pwede… Singing range, pwede na rin. Pero yung totoong singing, di pwede. Parang tula lang talaga na nilagyan ng melody,” another YouTube user commented.
Kakie did not mention that paid trolls are behind the hate comments and dislikes but some commenters still stressed that they were not paid to dislike the video.
YouTube comment on Kakie Pangilinan’s “TYL” Wish Bus video retrieved on February 3, 2021

One Facebook user speculated that the Mocha Uson Blog might have initiated such movement.

“I feel bad for Kakie for getting this much flak for speaking her voice. But when you think about it, this just goes to show how threatened they are by a 19-year old, no less. Cowards and bullies, just like their idol,” a Facebook user wrote.

Mocha Uson Blog, that has millions of followers, is known for spreading government propaganda and disinformation on social media.

Last January 25, one of the Facebook page’s administrators, also a vocal supporter of the Duterte administration, posted a screenshot and link of the Kakie’s Wish Bus video and lured their followers to visit it.

“POSTED BY BANAT BY: By the way, eto pala si KAKIE baka gusto niyo paramdam ang inyong opinyon sa kanya. Wag niyo na panuorin. LIKE or DISLIKE nalang para alam niya,” read the post.