Here’s how you can satisfy your Italian cravings in Metro Manila, visa-free

June 3, 2024 - 5:38 PM
Pizzeria Bosso Interior Restaurant and their Garlic Shrimp Pizza (Pizzeria Bosso/Released)

If planning a trip to Italy for a slice of pizza and pasta would hurt your wallet, here are three restaurants in Metro Manila that could satisfy those cravings, visa-free.

No need to fly to Southern Italy to taste garlic-infused dishes, because Krazy Garlik, part of the Bistro Group, has reopened its doors to Manila this June.

Located on level 3 at One Ayala Mall, Makati City, this garlic-crazed restaurant has expanded its home-grown menu, years since its closure in the Metro.

Vampires, beware!

Krazy Garlik is back with an aesthetically pleasing minimalist bistro atmosphere for those who want to get a feel of a classy date night and family-friendly dine-ins.

With Filipino-Western-inspired cuisine, the restaurant’s comeback is guaranteed to fulfill stomachs while keeping vampires at bay.

Their best sellers and unique garlicky meals are:

  • Amazing KG Salad
  • 40 Kloves Chicken
  • Shrimp on a Roll
  • Bag O Seafood
  • Hara-Kiri rice
  • Crema Catalana (garlic creme brulee)


Euro-Asian fusion

Can’t decide between wanting Asian and European food? Look no further than Pizzeria Bosso for artisan Italian dishes originating from Japan.

The European-Asian cuisine landed its way to 34 Sgt. Esguerra, South Triangle, Quezon City, and is ready to serve one-of-a-kind food blends to Filipinos.

This speakeasy is perfect for those looking for a chill night out for a glass of red while also having an oven-bricked Nihon pizza experience.

Indulge in their unique culinary flavors like:

  • Garlic Shrimp Pizza
  • Truffle Pizza
  • Carbonara Spaghetti
  • Japanese Style Spaghetti

Pizzeria Bosso also welcomes business-type dinners by offering a special VIP room inspired by the hit film trilogy from the 1970s– The Godfather.

Pair a pizza pie with a coke

The best partner to a hot Italian bread is a cold, fizzy drink.

Mama Lou’s Group Holdings, Inc. — the Philippines’ famous Italian restaurant brand, has recently partnered with Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) to bring its iconic products like Coca-Cola, Royal, Sprite, A&W, and Wilkins as the go-to drinks of Italian dishes.

Mama Lou’s chief executive officer (CEO) David Sison shared that this staple beverage can bring out meaningful experiences to Filipino gatherings and dinners.

“We are grateful for the opportunity and are excited that our restaurant chains are now carrying the iconic taste of Coca-Cola products to complement our customers’ favorites,” he lauded.

“We are truly excited to delight our customers together with Mama Lou’s Group—where every meal that is paired with a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola is a joyful celebration of togetherness and an opportunity to make life more enjoyable,” CCBPI President and CEO Gareth McGeown said.

Coca-Cola soft refreshments are available in various Mama Lou restaurant chains:

  • Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen
  • Mama Lou’s Premio Ristorante
  • Nonna’s Gourmet Italian
  • FAMU | Filipino Flavors
  • The Burger Club
CCBPI x MLG Signing Ceremony (Coca-Cola Beverage Philippines, Inc./June 3, 2024/Released)

This Filipino-owned Italian restaurant chain can be found in over 26 outlets nationwide and will continue to expand from thereon out.