Netizens react to Marlou Arizala’s transformation as Xander Ford


“People never really liked me for who I am, (be)cause I was never what they wanted me to be,” goes the now famous post by Marlou Arizala, the internet celebrity who stirred the online community with his pricey cosmetic surgery and the total transformation that resulted from it.

Arizala—who now goes by the name Xander Ford—continues to receive both negative and positive comments, which shows how society has not yet fully accepted cosmetic surgery in the country.

Prior to his transformation as Xander Ford, Arizala was already a YouTube sensation along with his boy band called HashT5. He has also admitted to being the subject of bullying online due to his looks. In previous press interviews, Arizala has expressed his dreams of being an artista and is open to go under the knife if only to improve his physical appearance.

Now that he is just a few steps away from his dream—rumor has it that he is already being groomed by his talent management company for TV show and teleserye guestings—Xander Ford continues to be a top trending topic among netizens.

Here are some of their comments:


Others claimed that Xander Ford is still unattractive.

While others defended him.

Some expressed that they want to go under the knife, too.

On the other hand, some gave their friendly advice, and said that what’s inside matters, too.