Singer Janine Berdin grateful for support received amid cosmetic surgery

October 16, 2020 - 6:52 PM
Janine Berdin makeover
Janine Berdin poses in this photo uploaded on her Instagram on May 9, 2020 (left) and the actress with her new hair color on this photo posted on ML Salon and Spa's Facebook page on Oct. 5, 2020 (right).

“Tawag ng Tangahalan” Season 2 grand champion Janine Berdin thanked the people who have continuously supported her after she admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery for her nose.

The 18-year-old singer took to Twitter to express her gratitude following online buzz about the recent changes in her physical appearances.

“Hey, good evening. Just wanna say thank you for accepting me. It means a whole ton. I love you guys. And I love me too. Waw. Yey!” Berdin wrote on Thursday evening.

It has earned 6,900 likes and more than 350 retweets as of this writing.

Berdin in a recent interview with Vice Ganda‘s online show, “Gabing-Gabi na Vice,” shared that she went under the knife to enhance her nose since it was her “biggest insecurity.”

She also dispelled rumors of having her breasts augmented.

Berdin added that she was overwhelmed with the result of her nose surgery, which prompted her to post selfies on her Instagram.

Fans also noticed that she changed her hair color to purple-ash.

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Berdin explained that the physical changes were part of her initiative to make herself happy and feel more confident as an individual.

“Do something to make yourself happy kasi minsan lang, you only live once nga ‘di ba,” she said, as quoted by reports.

“Kasi kapag hindi ka masaya sa sarili mo, mag-re-reflect. Kasi nakikita ko sa mga post ko dati, mga videos ko, nakikita ko din kung gaano ako ka self-conscious and now, when I look up my photos now, nakikita to all the videos I take, parang ang saya. Nakikita ko na ang saya ko na, ang saya ko na sa sarili ko,” Berdin added.

She also clarified that she is not promoting plastic surgery but encouraging people to find ways to help them love themselves if they are unhappy.

“Let’s not be afraid of change and let’s not condemn change,” Berdin said.

“Kung may gustong mag-change, ipa-change mo sila. Bahala sila basta masaya sila,” she added.

Last year, it was reported that cosmetic surgery may enhance the self-esteem of an individual but experts warned that it should not be viewed as the “cure-all for any self-esteem and sexuality woes.”