Bets urged to avoid loud campaign jingles outside churches

April 6, 2022 - 2:47 PM
The Malolos Cathedral. (Screenshot of Malolos Cathedral via Malolos Cathedral/Facebook)

As the May 9 elections come closer and campaign jingles are literally everywhere, a Catholic cathedral appealed to the candidates to give churches proper respect.

The Malolos Cathedral called on concerned camps to be considerate, especially when Mass is ongoing.

“Please advise your supporters and campaign personnel to show respect in all places of worship,” the cathedral said.

“There are sacraments and prayers being held, especially on Sundays,” it furthered.

The church, which is also a minor basilica, particularly pointed at the loud volume of campaign activities that tend to distract churchgoers.

“Kindly turn off or lower the volume of your campaign jingles so that the faithful will not be distracted in their prayers,” it added.

The campaign period for national and local candidates started last February 8 and March 25, respectively.

During election season, common campaign activities include motorcades where jingles are being played through loudspeakers.