Redesigned Kamuning footbridge earns new batch of disapprovals

November 26, 2018 - 6:08 PM
Unfinished MMDA bridge
New design of the footbridge along EDSA-Kamuning in Quezon City (featured photo by Twitter user @stormberry)

The steep footbridge along EDSA-Kamuning in Quezon City was criticized anew after photos of its new design made the stairway look broken in half.

But the bridge is still not finished. The Metro Manila Development Authority planned to create a second landing on the steep staircase to address criticisms against the original design.

Snapshots of the MMDA footbridge were posted by Twitter user @stormberry on November 25.

While the commenters recognized that it is being redesigned, they observed how dangerous it still looked to pedestrians.

Twitter user @lakwatsarah wondered if the modified structure will be more secure and how much of the people’s taxes will be spent in the project.

The earlier unfinished version of the footbridge was poked fun at on social media for its non-standard height. Many users even dubbed it as “stairway to heaven” or “Mt. Kamuning.”

Bong Nebrija, MMDA Special Task Force Commander for Special Operations, tells PTV that the agency decided to add a landing platform and railing to the viral walkway so commuters can “rest” during the ascent.

“Yung landing will serve as the break of the climb. Ibig sabihin, ‘yung sa kalahati, may platform muna tayo doon, then the commuters, the pedestrians, could stay put there para magpahinga kung gusto nila, then continue the climb again,” Nebrija explained.

He also clarified that there will be no additional costs for the construction of this new one.

“No additional cost for the government, same contractual price,” he explained.

The officer also assured the public of its safety despite four of its workers being arrested for allegedly using illegal drugs.

The police recovered from the suspects four sachets of suspected shabu, paraphernalia to use it and P300 marked cash.

The final opening of the walkway is on November 27.

Stairway to heaven: A timeline

Snapshots of the unfinished bridge first went rounds on social media around October 31. Filipinos then criticized it posing risks for some commuters especially pregnant women and the elderly.

The MMDA defended it and said that it was constructed 10 meters high to avoid MRT’s power lines located underneath.

Spokesperson Celine Pialogo also cited MRT’s five-meter clearance policy imposed on infrastructures being built near the train’s power lines as the reason for the elevation.

General Manager Jojo Garcia added that this was also built to avoid instances of jaywalking and to keep pedestrians safe on the major thoroughfare.

As of October this year, MMDA reported that there had been 1,682 pedestrians who committed jaywalking.

For this reason, the agency started constructing the overpass, which cost P10 million, last July.

It was supposed to open last November 15. But the MMDA deferred it following the many safety concerns aired against it.

The new version will have a second landing platform and a railing, Garcia announced, but its 10-meter height will not be changed.

The MMDA also planned for it to have an escalator and an elevator. But Garcia said funds were insufficient.