Publishing house decodes language in impersonation video of ‘Kadenang Ginto’

July 25, 2019 - 6:50 PM
Kadenang Ginto scene
A scene from "Kadenang Ginto's" episode titled "Hadlang," where Daniela (Dimples Romana) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes) is talking to each other. (ABS-CBN Entertainment via YouTube)

A publishing house attempted to decode what the girl who famously impersonated a scene from “Kadenang Ginto” was trying to say in her viral video.

Vibal Group in its Facebook page shared what internet sensation Ryry Villacosta was saying in her video where she impersonated Daniela (Dimples Romana), Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes).

The editors of the publishing house tried to make sense of the most popular phrase in the video:

“You do note the liar is my peyk. Is the Cassie in peyk. Hindi siya mukhang dragon. Is this my liar is na make is the peyk in my life. Oo, Cassie.”

According to them, here was what she was trying to say:

“You do note that this liar is a fake. Cassie is fake. Hindi siya Mondragon. This liar is the fake in my life. Oo, si Cassie.”

The efforts did not go unnoticed. Filipinos thanked the publishing house for offering them a more understandable version of her amusing dialogue that has since spawned memes on social media.

“My gosh! Kudos to the editors. It must be very tough,” a Facebook user said.

“Thank God for translating this meme for us human beings na hindi talaga maka-relate dito pero laman ng news feed ko,” another Facebook user wrote.

Others, however, were convinced that the first line “You do note” meant “You don’t know,” which the publishing house didn’t translate.

“‘Yung ‘note’ ata is ‘know’ = You don’t know that this liar is a fake. ‘Yon ata,” a Facebook user commented.

Vibal explained in the comments section that the phrase is actually grammatically correct.

“Tama po talaga kasi ang ‘You do note.’ It’s the emphatic form of ‘You note,'” it said.

The impersonation video was first uploaded in April and has since spawned memes from Filipino social media users.

In fact, it became so popular that people would use Villacosta’s iconic dialogues in online conversations.

Last week, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto asked social media users to explain the meme to him after being flooded with the phrase, “Cassie, hindi ka muna papasok sa school” following his class suspension announcement.

Filipinos gave him the link to Villacosta’s video, as well as the original scene from the hit afternoon drama.