Yay or nay? Miss Universe Philippines ‘Filipina’ crown design thrills beauty pageant fans

October 21, 2020 - 5:01 PM

The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 “Filipina” crown’s design which represents the triumph of a Filipino woman drew praises among fans of the much-awaited beauty competition online.

The coronation for the Miss Universe Philippines will push through this Sunday, on October 25 in Baguio amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In a video uploaded on its official social media accounts, the Miss Universe Philippines revealed the crown ahead of the coronation night.

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The 2020 Miss Universe Philippines Crown. The crown represents the achievement of one’s mind over body as a Filipina. It will be a symbol of triumph over one’s journey of trials, hard work and perseverance in obtaining one’s dream. A dream that has become a reality that would inhabit her mind, heart and spirit. The elements of the FILIPINA crown reflect the true meaning of womanhood. The swirl of leaves are like the lives of every woman who seeks success in different forms yet still keeps the Filipino values in their hearts. Every diamond embedded in each leaf lusters like smiles that sparkle the lives of people that she encounters. The yellow pearls express creativity, intelligence, optimism and fear of God – characteristics that make every Filipina a gem in her family. Sapphire, Ruby and Topaz represent the flag of every proud Filipina, a woman who believes in the beauty of her race, the strength that runs in the veins of her blood and the beat of her heart that would always describe a true FILIPINA. #PhenomenalWoman #Filipina

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In the caption, the pageant organization explained the various elements carried by the “Filipina” which reflect “the true meaning of womanhood.”

  • The swirl of leaves—are likened to “the lives of every woman who seeks success in different forms yet still keeps the Filipino values in their hearts.”
  • Every diamond embedded in each leaf—represents “the sparkle” in the lives of people that she encounters.
  • The yellow pearls—symbolize :creativity, intelligence, optimism and fear of God.”
  • Sapphire, Ruby and Topaz—symbolizes the blue, red and yellow color scheme of the Philippine flag.

In a separate Facebook post, the pageant organization revealed that this design was crafted by the Villarica Family in Bulacan, also the owners of the Villarica Pawnshop Chain.

Miss Universe Philippines expressed gratitude to the family for “stepping up to the challenge of creating this masterpiece.”

“More than their expertise on gems and jewelry, they provided us with valuable insights on the significance of precious stones and what each one represents. These gems are emblems of dreams, ambition, happiness, pride, self-worth, and empowerment,” the post read.

“Having a point-of-view as informed as theirs allowed them to make a crown that truly looks and feels special,” it added.

In the Philippines, Meycauayan, Bulacan is renowned as the center of world-class craftsmanship in fine jewelry-making….

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Beauty pageant enthusiasts also praised the new crown, particularly the symbolisms of its elements.

“New Miss Universe PH crown. Wow!!! Madame Stella could never,” one Twitter user said.

“The new Miss Universe Philippines crown. Nay or Yay. Yay for me. Looks very heavy though,” another wrote.

However, not all were pleased and took issue with the crown’s height. One Twitter user shared a photo of a plastic tiara and quipped that it was the selected design of the crown.


The upcoming grand coronation night this weekend will be the first ever Miss Universe Philippines after the Miss Universe Organization decided not to renew its license with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI).

BPCI’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant has been selecting candidates to represent the Philippines to the main Miss Universe event for the last 55 years.

Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados, who is also the last Binibining Pilipinas Universe candidate, is expected to crown her successor at the Baguio Country Club.

Of the 48 participants, only Maria Isabela Galeria from Sorsogon withdrew from the contest due to health reasons.

Galeria admitted through Instagram that she felt her body had not yet recovered from the deadly virus which causes COVID-19 despite being discharged by the Department of Health.