Soft drink brand releases new ad that left viewers unsettled for the second time

December 14, 2020 - 8:05 PM
A screenshot from the video advertisement of RC Cola released in December 2020.

US soft drink brand RC Cola, which recently made headlines for its unique advertisement, released another unusual advertisement that gained buzz across Facebook and Twitter anew.

While the last one involves a family, RC Cola’s new promotional video that was posted on Monday, follows the story of a five-year-old band who almost broke up.

The post has a brief caption, saying: “Ha? Ha? Hakdog! #BastaRCColaMasarap.”

The nearly two-minute video clip similarly starts off with a bit of drama. The band was in the middle of a practice session when the female vocalist suddenly opens up about leaving her bandmates.

Her reason was that she felt “different,” similar to the school boy in the previous advertisement, despite staying in the band for five years.

“Never ko naman naramdaman na I’m really part of the group. I’m different from you guys,” she told her bandmate.

When the female band member was further asked about her decision, the drama started to shift.

She faced her bandmates and raised her left arm and folded up the sleeves of her blouse.

With an unsettling sound, the female band member twisted her arm to reveal that her hand was actually a bottle of RC Cola.

Her bandmates were not surprised about her revelation.

One of them said: “Aya, we understand.”

And then, the rest of the band members took off their sunglasses one-by-one to reveal that their eyes are ice dispensers.

The scene ended with all of them enjoying the bottle of soft drink from the vocalist’s arm and ice cubes from the band members’ eyes.

It worked again!

The shock value and uncanniness of the story worked out the second time.

After just a few hours since it was uploaded, the ad gained 61,000 shares on Facebook and earned more than 100,000 reactions and 5,768 comments.

The reactions were mostly positive with 96,000 laugh emojis, 2,300 likes and 1,000 heart emojis as of writing..

Despite the simple narrative, there were quite interesting takes the advertisements under the comments section.

Some Facebook users observed that the vocalist thought that she doesn’t belong there and only to find out that their differences can work out after all.

Screenshot by Interaksyon

Another Facebook user expressed the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Screenshot by Interaksyon

These discussions also reached and trended on Twitter with 2,428 tweets under its belt, as of writing.

Reactions also ranged from memes of bewilderment to checking themselves if they are bottles of RC Cola.

One Twitter user noted on the pun with the ice dispenser.

Poll spokesperson James Jimenez also joined in the fun and described the advertisement as “surreal.”

“The new RC ad, like the one before, is surreal, not kafka-esque. #justsaying,” Jimenez said.

RC Cola’s promotional video released last month certainly left a mark to the viewers. It follows a boy who has four glasses on his back and a mother whose head was a bottle of soda.

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Some personalities also took offense of it amid the memes, witty remarks and conversations about a supposed hidden meaning.

The ad agency behind this work called GIGIL, co-founded by musician Herbert Hernandez, later described the meaning of it with one word: “Basta!”