Plot twist after plot twist: In new viral ad, soft drink brand features ‘three-timer’ dentures Quito

June 18, 2021 - 6:25 PM
Screengrab from RC Cola's advertisement on June 18, 2021

US soft drink brand RC Cola released another odd commercial that tackles infidelity. It used unusual imagery of dentures that once again made buzz on social media.

The old American soda brand had been making headlines since last year because of its advertisements that tell relatable stories with a shock factor to online audiences.

This time, RC Cola released the short promotional video on Thursday and captioned it with: “Hala…Daming nangyari… #BastaRCQuteMarami.”


The story initially seemed like an ordinary commercial about a romantic proposal of a man to a woman in a restaurant.

However, the next scene, turned weird after it was revealed that the “man” who proposed turned out to be dentures named “Quito” in a glass of water. The woman named Sharon seemed unfazed.

The two waiters who witnessed the proposal also just clapped for the newly engaged couple.

The mood eventually went sour after Quito’s two romantic partners suddenly arrived and cornered him. Sharon then returned the ring and left the unfaithful “dentures” with the two women.

It was in the last scene where one of the waiters finally took out a bottle of RC Cola and drank it.

As of writing, the new commercial has over 1.8 million views on Facebook. It also garnered more than 91,000 reactions, most of which were laugh emojis.

In the comments section, social media users expressed how amused they were in the form of witty remarks and praises for the people behind it.

“Ang daming twists, super na-amaze ako sa hidden meaning kung bakit pustiso yung ginamit sa commercial na ito,” a Facebook user said.

Some Facebook users even shared theories about the supposed hidden message of the commercial.

“Yung pustiso represents ‘us’ which is customer, madami siyang tinikman at hindi contented. ‘Yung mga babae ay representation ng mga products na hindi siya contented. Yung lalaking uminom ng RC ay contented lang sa isa at nalaman niya na masarap pala ang RC among the rest,” a Facebook user said.

Local meme page Filipino Tweets That Matter or FTTM also re-shared an edited version of the video on its account and captioned it with: “Mukhang kailangan ko ng RC Qute after watching this.”

The edited version has a permanent text that read: “Dami kong iniisip, dumagdag pa RC Qute.”

The agency behind this campaign is GIGIL, which is also responsible for other similar materials from other homegrown brands.

In an exclusive with, Dionie Tanada, GIGIL associate creative director, shared that the “three-timer” character, Quito, was brought to life by using a mixture of real dentures and some computer effects.

Tanada also stated that they used the same concept last year to promote a new product called RC Qute.

It was the soft drink brand’s advertisement about a family which was released in November last year that made its mark online.

The video even spurred some debate about adoption and family planning among users.

Then, in December, RC Cola returned with another unsettling clip that follows the story of a five-year-old band who almost broke up.