Skill shortage among challenges in Philippines firms’ zero trust security initiatives –survey

October 5, 2021 - 7:58 PM
(Mati Mango/Pexels)

The majority of organizations in the Philippines continue to face challenges in adopting zero-trust security initiatives. However, there is “plenty of room for improvement” in implementing such strategies, according to a survey by a cybersecurity firm.

Okta’s “The State of Zero Trust Security In Asia Pacific” study showed that companies experience problems in talent or skill shortage (45%), cost concerns (30%) and technology gaps (15%).

“Organizations across the Philippines have practiced hybrid working arrangements for the past year and a half. Today, most business leaders recognize the value of such arrangements in driving long-term business growth post-pandemic, and are committed to sustaining them,” said Graham Sowden, Okta general manager for Asia-Pacific.

“It is imperative to the long-term growth of these businesses that they continue to be vigilant in anticipating new threats that emerge in this new digital landscape, by continually assessing their current IT (information technology) infrastructure, and making strategic investments to stay ahead of threat actors,” he added.

The study comprised 400 security leaders in Asia-Pacific, including those in the Philippines, to examine zero trust security initiatives of companies as hybrid work has become the norm amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Zero trust is a new security model which “adapts to the complexity of the modern environment” as defined by global technology company Microsoft.

It focuses on constant verification to ensure that the individual accessing an online system is certainly the authorized entity to do so, operating with the suspicion of a breach every time.

Okta also reported that about 95% of organizations in the country are planning to strengthen their zero trust initiatives against cybersecurity threats in the next 12 to 18 months; however, only five percent currently have these initiatives in place.

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It stressed the need for zero-trust security initiatives, which emphasizes the “never trust, always verify” approach through continuous assessment of user access privileges for individual resources. It has become essential with the greater adoption of cloud-based technologies.

Okta is a leading independent cloud service provider of identity for enterprises, which enables organizations to securely connect people to technologies. —Ma. Alena O. Castillo