‘I’m so sad’ trend is flooding Facebook. What is it and does it work?

November 12, 2021 - 12:07 PM
A graphic showing "I'm so sad" posts tagging Power Mac Center (Interaksyon | Featuring photo from Power Mac Center/Facebook)

There is a new “I’m so sad” trend emerging on Facebook.

Some social media users were recently sharing screenshots of their private messages to brands, online stores and even restaurants with the phrase to receive freebies.

However, not all brands are giving away products for free because of this “I’m so sad” trend.

Two Facebook pages of gadget brands tagged circulating posts that claimed they have giveaway promos through this trend as false.

In a Facebook post on November 11, Power Mac Center clarified that the posts involving Apple products are false.

The Apple Premium Reseller also pointed out that the screenshots were edited.

“Over the past few days, we have received messages and comments on our posts across our social media platforms indicating that some of our followers are sad. This was brought about by a circulating post online implying that we are giving away the iPhone 13 to sad individuals,” the gadget store said.

“We would like to clarify that the viral post is not true, as the screenshot depicting our official Facebook profile is edited. We encourage everyone to be vigilant and validate posts online as we don’t want you to experience any inconvenience,” it added.

Power Mac Center ended its statement with a message of hope to its customers.

“We at Power Mac Center understand how difficult and uncertain life is right now. As much as we are humbled to know that our products and services make you happy, we wish you the kind of happiness from being safe and healthy with your loved ones,” it said.

Prior to this, on November 10, Real Me Philippines, the local distributor of the Chinese smartphone brand, also dismissed the messages asking the store for free phones as fake.

It also attached a graphic with sad emoji with the text: “Sad ka? Touch the emoji.”

“Nakita mo ba, Squad? This is a reminder to be careful with all the Fake News and manipulative images circulating online to avoid misinformation. ‘Di namin kayang gawin yun Squad!” the caption of the Facebook post also read.

To make its customers “happy,” it rode the trend and launched its own giveaway contest.

Instead of the sad remark, Real Me’s version is: “Di na ako sad dahil kay realme.”

The mechanics were also included in the post.

Some legitimate offers

While it’s difficult to trace the origin of the “I’m so sad trend,” some posts with the phrase and other variations were shared early this month.

Based on the images posted, some users initially claimed they received free products after tagging or sending private messages to online businesses.

Some claimed that they received more expensive items such as the latest iPhone 13.

While there are false claims, there are businesses that offered legitimate free food and services through the online gimmick.

These include local restaurants Steak to One in Quezon City and Kanto Tayo in the city of Manila.

Local fast-food restaurant Don’s Chicken Inasal recently posted winners of their own “sad mention” contest.

One of the winners shared screenshots of how she managed to avail their free meals.