‘I’m trying’: TikTok creator Marvin Fojas bares grief, hardships amid criticisms vs zombie skit

February 4, 2022 - 11:47 AM
Photo of TikTok star comedian Marvin Fojas (Facebook/Marvin Fojas)

“You don’t know what people are going through and the least you can do is to be kind.”

TikTok creator Marvin Fojas tweeted this after he received mean comments for his latest video.

His video which he released on February 2 was his entry to the trending Netflix Korean thriller, “All Of Us Are Dead.”

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It was a comedy skit that showed Fojas depicting different characters and how they would act should a zombie attack happen in Philippine schools.

“Luh bHie wag aabsent sa class para maka-survive sa zombHie apocalypse,” Fojas wrote in the tweet.

“#KnowledgeIsWeapon kaya pag hindi ginamit ang utak,” he added.

Some Twitter users were not amused by the video when it was posted on the microblogging platform.

They left memes and scathing remarks in the quote-retweets to express their dislike for the video which they described as “flop.”

Following the backlash, Fojas explained his situation in a tweet on February 3.

The comedian revealed that he previously took a break from social media for nearly a month after his brother died on New Year’s Eve.

He also said it was the worst time for his family.

“My eldest brother passed away last new year’s eve. It was the worst New Year we ever had as a family. So I took a break from social media for almost a month to rest. Recently, I’ve been trying to get my shit together and worked on some of my pending commitments. I’m trying,” Fojas said.

He then expressed how much he got hurt by the comments.

“And now what I’m getting are mean comments from people dahil lang hindi sila natawa sa content ko. You don’t know what people are going through and the least you can do is to be kind. If you can’t, please just mind your own business,” Fojas said.

Some of his colleagues and fans later expressed sympathy for Fojas on the micro-blogging platform.

Inka Magnaye offered him advice on how to deal with critical comments on social media.

“Hi Marvs! I want to say that I can’t believe people can be so mean, but that would be false. It’s horrible that there are people out there who think you exist solely for their entertainment,” Magnaye said.

“I don’t know if they’ll ever wake up and realize the heartlessness of their actions, but I hope that, beyond all the trash you come across, you can feel all the love and support from the people who are always there to cheer you on,” she added.

Inka also offered condolences for Fojas.

“Again, I’m so sorry for your loss (heartbroken emoji) sending you a BIIIIG HUG from where I am,” she said.

Fojas soon noticed this reply and thanked Magnaye for it.

“Love you Inka! You da best,” he said with a heart and hug emojis.

Pipay also shared a tweet about being kind to others. She, however, did not mention any names.

“Always choose to be kind, we’re all just trying our best,” she said.

Fojas was among the winners of the first TikTok Awards in the Philippines.

He won in the Top Talent Award category, along with TikTok sensations Zendee Rose Tenerefe or Zendee and Yanyan de Jesus.

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