‘All of Us Are Dead’ now no. 1 Non-English show in Philippines, 28 other countries

February 2, 2022 - 9:20 PM
Still from "All of Us Are Dead" (Netflix/Released)

Days after its release on streaming giant Netflix, Korean zombie series “All of Us Are Dead” made it to the Top 10 list (Non-English TV List) in 91 countries worldwide including the Philippines.

The series is about students trapped at a school infected by a zombie virus. It follows how they struggle to stay alive until help arrives.

According to the streaming giant, the K-zombie recorded around 124.79 million hours of views within three days of its release.

It earned first place on the Top 10 (Non-English TV) list in 29 countries.

The series also soared in the Top 10 among 62 countries including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Greece, Russia, Spain and Italy, among others.

In the Philippines, the following shows made it to the Top 10 list as of February 2:

1 – “All of Us Are Dead”

2 – “Our Beloved Summer”

3 – “Manifest: Season 1”

4 – “Manifest: Season 2”

5 – “Manifest: Season 3”

6 – “Dolce Amore: Season 1”

7 – “Taxi Driver”

8 – “On The Wings of Love: Season 1”

9 – “The Penthouse: War in Life: Season 1”

10 – “Niña Niño: Season 1”

Prior to this, the Korean zombie series’ trailer also garnered 16 million views.

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The success of “All of Us Are Dead” came months after the release of another hit Korean thriller “Squid Game.”

Like the smashing Korean content, the new K-zombie also received positive responses.

“Like “Squid Game” before it — the only comparison I’ll be making between this show and Netflix’s recent smash Korean hit, I promise — “All of Us Are Dead,” makes the most out of its nightmarish central location to otherworldly, dizzying effect,” a review by The Variety read.

“Paced like a bullet and emotionally resonant when it needs to be, Netflix’s new Korean zombie show makes for an immensely bingeable 12 hours of TV,” The Indian Express’ Rohan Naahar wrote in a review.

“All of Us Are Dead” premiered on Netflix last Friday.

The streaming entertainment service said it will launch more than 25 compelling Korean shows, its largest number to date.

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—Rosette Adel